Another 1k runes wasted due to no confirmation button

What a waste, how hard is it to add a confirmation for the useless 10x basic dragon draft? So frustrating, weve been asking for a LONG time to get this. Clearly its not a priority and we have noticed…


they recently said it was going to added in the next update, which will likely be next week


Oh good thank you. The game is awesome but this is an wasy quality of life change.

@Raisengeki @Uptoolayte

I can confirm that support still does the 500 rune refund, albeit with 1-2 week delay. You can use the dragons you gained in any fashion.
I’d recommend to contact the support immediately, however, because once the update lands - they might refuse all refunds.
So write your support keys and state it clearly that you wasted it BEFORE the upcoming update - maybe you’ll still be refunded.

I won’t post the mail, because it’ll trigger the filter again, I think one of the mods will merge, lock and reply to these threads anyway.


Our team is adding a confirmation button for the next update: [Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.5.11)