Another 7 days of Dino’s ! Rock on!


Loving the new selection!! More raptors it’s and charlie which is awesome!! What’s everyone’s thoughts?

I just love the 7 days of Dino’s gives a shot at epics and other great Dino’s!! It’s raptor week!! LoL



Where did you see Blue again? I only saw 3x Rare Raptors from the Squad.


Not blue, just Delta, Charlie and Echo. But they are lovely! <3


Charlie I meant!!!


So every match will be who got the fastest 3 raptors. That’s fun.


Games gonna be flooded with raptors now tho


Yea I was just thinking it’s gonna be raptor raptor raptor but that’s fine I’ll figure it out


The arena is already full of raptors, now it will be impossible.


Well, the movies do love their velociraptors a lot - hopefully next update will buff up all armor dinos to tank all raptors :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I already love this showcase. I was really surprised to see the notification on my phone saying Charlie was spotted. Plus, the Baryonyx is back! Time for Round 2!


My thoughts?

There are gonna be some happy people out there. There are also gonna be some miserable people out there. And finally, there are gonna be a few, like me, going “Those aren’t new species, those are clones. If we can now have 5 Velociraptors, why can’t I have as many ______ as I want?”

I know people like the characters from the movies, and I know Ludia wants to capitalize on the films, but more raptors was precisely what this game did NOT need. >.<


Well unless the new rare squad raptors spawn as common as the normal velo, I guess we would only expect level 6 or 7 new raptors entering the arena right? Hopefully that would be the case… I already having problems dealing with Blue and common velo striking my 4 dinos back to back in arena 7 :rofl:


This is the DNA I collected no tricks needed for this!!


Nice snag !! Level 9 right??


So your using a cheat for the game dude? Does that actually work for jurassic world walking with a joystick??


So you’re a GPS spoofer? :-1:


Yea what a dummy didn’t take long for that garbage to come to jurassic world alive they better get on top of it now.!!! Report him these people should be banned even worse is the bots that some people generate to sell accounts !!



Whahoo got three in a row 8 hours :+1: usually get 2-3 a day so far 5 today did a bunch of speed ups thoufh


lol … how could even post that. So low.

Damn, just got home but an Erlikosaurus spawned 3 streets away right now … almost in range, but just almost. Seems like I have to get out again. >.<


Damn spoofer lol :joy: spooooooofer above