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Another alliance question

So I’m an alliance leader. Not by choice. It was handed down to me. But I know that I have people in my alliance that aren’t involved. I know the higher the trophy count the more likely players will try to stay active bc they have invested time. I want to set a trophy limit. But it feels wrong to do so. Plus I want it to be a minimum of 1000 but I have a few that I KNOW for a fact that they are active but they don’t meet that requirement

My advise is to have a huge guild chat and openly discuss what kind of guild expectations everyone has.

You might find the majority want to go hardcore trophy/PvP mode or they may just want to be in a casual group of friendly and like minded players.

As leader, it’s always better to get your members invovled as much as you can. People like to feel like they are part of something and that their voice can be heard sometimes.

We take screenshots of trophies of members a few times a week to make sure they are changing. The ones that stay the same over a week get “let go”. I wish there was in game tracking of contributions, activity level, etc. Started keeping track of trophies about a month ago & already our alliance has at least tripled in activity on chat from weeding out people who have likely lost interest in the game. I do agree if you want to do a drastic change, it would be a great idea to talk to the members about it though.

I’ve tried using the alliance chat and nobody responds. It is beyond infuriating

I would start making whatever changes you had in mind. At least you tried to involve them.

I am extremely glad to have a wonderful team.
Almost the entire team knows and understand what to do.
It took me lots of time to get my idea over my message, then i start to remove those who doesn’t care.
After that i only take in new members who gets the team playing way, kick out immediately if cannot get communicated.
To date, i am very proud of the team, we are not top teams. but we made mission 5-4 every week with at least 3 days to spare.
It takes time, but my patience pay.

I’m starting at 800 bc a few of my actives are that low but I watch them fluctuate down and up. Once they get to 1000 I’ll up it. But the thing is I went from 50 to 23 just by making the minimum 800