Another Alpha thread

Just another one of those threads about those Alpha bugs…

We all appreciate the new content coming and it’s needed and wanted, but at the same time for me and I’m sure I’m speaking on behalf of lots of others…

Fix the Alpha bugs!!

It’s taking away fun aspects of the game personally for me.

Twice this week I’ve finished my attacks and been met with a forever (loading screen of death) and hence why I’m posting now, I’m sure it was best calculated series of attacks with 30k+ damage only to not register at all.

Several times the spirit bug has hit (dragons spirit bars locked and not moving) which has been posted since Alphas came out!

Alphas on negative damage and not registering any damage for that player.

And so on and so on…

Alphas are happy to take our very limited Energy points with no reward or be given back if results are defaulted to nothing.

So come on and do something about these problems as a lot of us are spending time, effort and ( money ) on your game!

Please do something about the problems, because these bugs are simply spoiling the game.

End of rant

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The support has said this many times, they are aware of the alpha bug.
If it looks like your dragon isn’t getting any energy from the tiles, the automatch+skill option will make your dragon use its special

Hi FlyingWolfPuppy

My point is you shouldn’t have to use the auto play feature to by pass the bug.

My points were in the nicest way possible was to fix the frustrating bugs, as I’ve spent a fair bit of money on the game to support the game because it’s a good game.

But enough is enough, why keep spending on the game if these problems are not being fixed and new content is being pushed out.

Fix should come next week