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Another bug in alliance missions?

Another bug in alliance missions?

I really doubt that 10k darts was at 2nd rank quest.

Yeah, we got that too and I only now realized that it’s not right :smile:

Please fix this! Shouldn’t be this at rank 2.

Does anybody else have this quest? As far as I remember, 2 rank was so easy that we skipped it the first day.
It’s really weird that it’s so long now.

@J.C take a look at this quest please. It’s definitely at wrong stage.

Maybe they saw how fast teams flew through them and bumped them up for this round?

Hmmm, let’s see. Intended increase difficulty or another bug when the whole game is overbuged, especially new alliance missions that nobody has tested?! Coins quest didn’t work last week, then it was totally crashed, devs are making it even more glitchy, so everybody gets just random rewards, and you say that it’s intended? :laughing:

Just trying to look for the silver lining. :sunglasses:

Hey good day guys,

I can confirm for a fact based on last week’s missions that 10k Creature Engagement is for Rank 2 as we have gotten that.

Rank 3 Exploration Creature Engagement = 20k
Rank 4 Exploration Creature Engagement = 30k

It goes up by 10k each rank sadly…lol

There is a sample of our Rank 3/4 missions last time if you search for the FAQ for Alliance Missions.

10k is correct as far as I know.

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It’s correct. From rank 2 to rank 3 was 10 thousand darts. 20k to rank4 and 30k darts to reach rank5.

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