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Another bug! why i stun the indoraptor it can still act faster?


i tried several times i stunned opponent’s indoraptor and got killed because the indo can fight back immediately while it was stunned…

just like utashinoraptor…stunned opponent and got itself killed.


Hey Cl_L, thanks for writing in. Many factors can affect who goes first in the Arena, even after a “stun” is in effect. I think the information on this thread here could be helpful in clarifying things up a bit: Allosinosaurus instant charge: stun?
However, if you think there is still an issue, our support team would be happy to investigate further if you reached out to them here at with your support key and more detail on what happened.


If you stun someone for a turn, it doesn’t mean he won’t be faster on the next turn.


pls check it out. my dino was not hit decrease speed before i stun my opponent


Did you slow the Indoraptor down in a previous turn? I’m assuming you used a slowing move on it since Indoraptor is faster than anything with a stun move. When you stunned them, it was probably the final turn for that slow down move and they went back to being the fastest again, which means they would get the first turn.


Or you instant charged them resulting in you moving first… stun… now it’s their move because they are the faster dino whereas if you were the 2nd to go hit with like a stunning impact or greater and you stun them THEN you get to move again…


so stunning it will be meaningless? if i don’t stun it, it will act first…i stun it, it again acts first…

the logic is a bit strange…


If you did an attack that slowed it down, it will only be slower than you for 1 or 2 turns. If you stun it on the final turn of the slow down, it will be stunned for that turn but it will get the first turn on the next attack since the slow down effect has worn off. If you stun it and then choose your attack again before they do an attack, that means your stun worked.


Stun removes 1 enemy turn of attacks. That’s all it does, and that’s what you did. The enemy still gets to keep playing after that.