Another bunch of polls regarding rebalancing

Going to cut straight to the chase here.

1] Definite Rampage, Precise-shattering Rampage and the like:
Since last patch, Ludia decided the move “Definite Rampage” shouldn’t go to any creature that is Immune to Distraction, since it (the move) would then be completely uncounterable.
This, however, did not apply to Definite Impact and Definite Strike, presumably since they do less damage.

What do you think should be done?

  • Keep the rule.
  • Creatures with low to average base damage only should be excepted.
  • Creatures with low base damage only should be excepted.
  • Scrap the rule!

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2] Dinosaur “classes”:
While going through the tier list at what creatures needed to be reworked for the better, I noticed that some “classes” popped up more than others.
While I think it goes without saying that the Ready-to-Crush non-hybrids as well as the counter-attacking pterosaurs and swoopers need some TLC, a third one, namely the slow, shield-dependent creatures came up quite often.

This group includes the Ankylosaurs, the slow counter-attacking theropods and their hybrids (the ones without any form of rending counter. Diorajasaur is an exception.). Also Nodopatosaurus and its hybrids, to some extent.

If you’ve been on the forums for a while, you might be familiar with the idea that non-immune Shielding tanks have fallen from grace, and that this is due to the prevalence of moves that destroy shields.
What do you make of it?

  • I share this opinion.
  • I do not.

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If shield-destroying moves are not the cause, then this is probably a matter of stats and additional abilities.
Which of the following do you think the slow, shield-dependent creatures need to become more prevalent?

  • Reliable recovery (in the form of moves/abilities that recover HP).
  • Additional damage output.
  • An even distribution of both of the above.
  • Changes to stats only.
  • Other (comment)

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3] DoT, but not just for bleeders:
Some forum users have suggested that certain old dinosaur classes and moves should gain additional effects, such as a small amount of DoT.
Which of them do you think deserve this change?

  • Stegosaurs.
  • Chompers.
  • Other (comment)
  • None more than at present.

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4] Suchotator:
Yup. If any hybrid deserves their own poll, it’s this fan-favourite. We all know it’s way better than it has any right to be. It’s had a pretty good run after all.
I know a lot of us are nostalgic about this one, but think of the new players.

  • Leave Suchotator alone.
  • For the sake of balance, change it.

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5] Lore trumps rarity, of ingredients and hybrids:
The reasoning for why Indoraptor G2 and Indominus G2 are so much better than their counterparts.
Should this rule stand?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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  • I think the Gen 2 hybrids should be better versions of their counterparts.
  • I think the Gen 2 hybrids should be alternate versions of their counterparts, with slightly different roles, not necessarily better or worse.

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5] The High Tyrants all deserve a nerf:

  • Yes.
  • No.

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6] Every Unique deserves to be Unique, considerably different from the others:

  • I think so.
  • I think not.
  • I think so, except in the case of Dio.

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7] Maxima’s role:
I know Ludia did this one already, but there they included pre-designed kits, which most probably threw some voters off.

  • Anti-tank.
  • Anti-dodger.
  • Tanky jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.

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And that’s all. Happy voting!
@Thylo_75, how did I do?


You did well young padawan

  1. Definite and PSR should be reserved for dinos with attacks that max out at 1.3k WITHOUT any sort of immunity.

  2. Agree, not much to add. I think just better stats and kits will work. Although we are in a tank meta currently.

  3. Hot take: I want bleed to bypass immunity. All of it. I don’t care if it “Defeats the purpose of immunity.” You literally can’t not bleed. That should make bleeders better, and measures should be taken before we start giving bleed to other classes.

  4. Suchotator is strong for it’s rarity, no doubt. However I’m fine with it being strong as long as it’s not overpowered or problematic given it’s rarity. Suchotator is average, and rapidly slipping thanks to the meta. I think it’s fine.

  5. I’m totally down for IndomG2 and IndoG2 to be better than their original hybrids. But IndoG2 is too strong. That’s my issue.

5 (the second one). I don’t want high tyrant to be a “nerf this noooowwww” segment of the tier list. Besides, I really don’t find Nemys or Moth to be particularly overpowered, and I’ve kind of been leaning away from the “maxima needs some form of adjustment” camp. Gem and IndoG2 though? Fair game.

  1. Not sure how possible or probably that’s gonna be considering Ludia can be lazy, but sure. Regarding Dio though, I’d rather not change it for the worse just because it’s so similar to tryko.

  2. I’m starting to think Max is fine as is. Maybe drop the health a bit and it’s good.

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Being overpowered is relative. Currently, Suchotator could easily be an Epic hybrid or even a Legendary with its kit and stats.
It’s like how Carbonemys isn’t taking out Tyrants left and right, and yet, people still call for a nerf, because it’s a bit too good for an Epic non-hybrid.

[Edit: okay, bad example, Carbo literally beats 3 Tyrants. Maybe take Marsupial Lion or Allosaurus G2 as an example. I think you get my point.]

Suchotator is a hybrid of two of the commonest Commons in the game. Compare that to Majundasuchus or Einiasuchus.

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didn’t realize people were also calling for a nerf of allo g2. guess i missed that.
i think we forget where einiasuchus was a while back. Before it got changed to have dig in and swap in stuning strike. that thing was suchotator levels of strength then. :laughing:

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I mean allo…

And it’s non epic Dino

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Also lion

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Oops. At least it’s not 100% of the time.
Oh, nevermind.

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So ya maybe they do need nerf :rofl: now that I think about it

Okay, fine they’re all bad examples, but I think you get what I was saying :joy:.

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Maybe I should have included a poll for the partial Immunities…
Actually, I think 10 polls is the limit.

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The thing I can say for sucho( even though I think it’s easily countered and not that powerful) is change null to ferocious strike to add to is irritator ancestory

I would change Lethal to Gashing. The rest of its kit isn’t really meant to be appropriate at all, so I wouldn’t know what to do honestly.
But so far everyone wants it to stay the same anyway.

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Ya I think it’s fine too but still maybe for lion just make it have like armor piercing strike cause binge to lose anything in with hits in a rare might be a bit much

Same with allo these things shouldn’t like defat uniques and legendaries

Let’s stick to the other thread for the rebalancing ideas lol.

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I don’t mind like Carbo beating Spyx for example, or Lion beating Grypo. Those are their specialisations, so it makes sense, like if Trex could beat Maxima.

Lol ya if tryko barely can and it has 30% armor and more hp then ya no Rex can’t ever :rofl:

I mean maybe one win but three three is too much cause then what the use of making better hybrids of you can just grind regular creatures that do a way better job

This. I mean, no dino can be immune to nullifying moves, so it wouldn’t be the first “can’t escape it” side effect. Plus, let’s be honest - there are SO MANY cleansing moves these days. Then there are swap in moves so if you really have to swap that one out, you might not always lose a turn thanks to them.

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