Another Carno Raid!

Just sharing that Ludia (kinda) listened to us for once! Another Carno raid for 2 weeks!


Wait what? I’m confused

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Gamepress Article. For the next 2 weeks (not including this one) a Carnotaurus Raid will spawn on Saturday.

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Oh yay!
10 char

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Oh yay two extra raids… that sure does solve the Carno DNA problem… :roll_eyes:

It’s the right direction, but it’s not enough. Just make Carno spawn everywhere all the time.


Ya. Though I wouldn’t mind a permanent Saturday Carno raid.

That would be better, but they really shouldn’t have to repeat a raid like that. If people are having THAT hard of a time getting enough DNA, then something is wrong with the base spawn rate.

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Ya I agree. I use Carnotarkus on my team, and now with Indot existing along with Scorp, it’s ridiculously hard to get Carno DNA nowadays. It’s basically an exclusive with how little you see it.

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