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Another Class?!?

I’m creating another class, I already made neutral, so introducing… the Luck Class

The lucky class focuses on luck based abilities such as stun, dodge, crit chance and more

The icon for the class is a orange square with a star in the middle

I choose small ornithopods for the neutral class, so what creatures should be in the luck class?

Here are the icons for neutral (bottom) and luck (top) classes

It’s an interesting idea don’t get me wrong, but, well I mean it’s the luck class. We already have so many RNG elements in the game, we don’t need more. RNG just takes skill out of the equation and boils down to how lucky you are, something which is out of your control and it’s just annoying. Also, it would be pretty hard to balance the class, I mean how can you really balance RNG? Like the class can be really OP at some moments, but really underpowered in other moments and it can fluctuate often, just because of random luck. It’s a interesting idea, but I just don’t really like it.

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