Another common tournament

Sooo… another Common tournament the second week in a row. I already hate all the commons after last weekend :rage::joy:

Seems there will be Monolometrodon ingredients as a reward. Nice for the super rhino, but not THAT motivating.:rhinoceros:

Anyone excited for this tournament or are you also sick of fighting with this unskilled, frustrating bunch?


Ready with my supa croc

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It’s fine for a week, but then I prefer to change. Commons are pretty boring overall, and we all know this one will be plagued by boosted Miragaia. I would say the common-only tournaments are my least favourite.


I’m ok with it. Less frustrating than normal arena. Lol

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It’s fine ig but I want next week for some rhino.

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Imagine if the normal arena only were commons :scream:


That would be… Interesting.
My Tany would he a beast. Lol

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At least Miragaia don’t have the super counter attack that armor pierces and slows down anymore😅

Which of them is that?:sweat_smile: So many crocodiles now :crocodile:

Sarco with his wound and pin, solid tank buster

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With some boosts and high level it could be good. It was raptor food this weekend (if it wasn’t played early :sweat_smile:

It is early to mid game creature, never end game

Some lunatics spend boosts and coins to have great tournament teams though

I know what you mean lol.

But this tournament has convinced me that we definitely have room for more Commons. There’s still a few niches without viable creatures, that could be fun to play around with.

There’s also room for improvement with the current creatures. I think Shielded Decel Strike could be nerfed to 1 turn of Deceleration (this goes for all creatures that have it) and Miragaia could have a slight damage nerf.

Brontotherium probably could do with a damage buff, and Phorusrhacos could do with one too. The better the Dodgers, the more viable the Nullifiers will become, after all.

Ankylosaurus Gen 2 could definitely do with a buff, and I’m thinking Triceratops G2 and Einiosaurus are too similar. One of them could do with a change.

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Agreed with everything until you mentioned that annoying regenerate creature :joy: Einio is just annoying and do 1 x damage while triceratops can rampage a lot of damage fast.

Most frustrating thing is when someone put them both in their team though.

And yeah most of the old common (and even rarer creatures) have outdated attacks. That also goes for the oldest hybrids.

The rewards aren’t interesting. This is better for a skilled tourney reward perhaps. The only players who badly need this dna are new players. Well they can’t rank high in this type, so they won’t get a lot. Anybody could rank high in the all lvl 26 type gives them a chance.

I also enjoy these tourneys. Including commons. I have a few commons to use for fun.

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I don’t mind the common tournaments. I think they’re great for new players, why should Ludia only do tournaments for high players, which would exclude new and beginners?
It’s also fun for high players to see how they would fight against other people with commons, IMO.

Personally I did prefer the tournament from last week, no boosts and every common was high level. Made it more fair.

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