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Another counter attack bug

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Bug Description: When versus an opponent with a hit and run attack, counter attacking dinos do no damage to the incoming opponent. This is especially problematic when the swapped-in dino is faster as you get hit twice in a row.

Area is was found in: Strike tower (Megalosuchus VS Ornithomimus)

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Opponent (Ornitho) chooses Impact and Run
Step 2 - You (Megalo) choose Ferocious Strike
Step 3 - Oppo attacks and begins to swap out
Step 4 - Megalo counters outgoing swap
Step 5 - Megalo does his Ferocious strike with no opponent yet swapped in
Step 6 - Swap in occurs
Step 7 - Opponent (faster than Megalo) attacks first, having full health

Note that this is not what occurs if you have a non-counter dino in play. In that case the swap out occurs, immediately followed by the swap in, and THEN your attack occurs.

What happens now allows your opponent to avoid half the damage they would typically incur in a round by a counter-attacking dino.

How often does it happen: Every

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

I don’t know if its an issue for all counters but i noticed a similar bug on miragaia,if a dino gets killed by miragaia’s counter then shielding strike is thrown before next opponent arrives.

I’m not sure if dying counts as the end of the turn, however. In that case it makes (more) sense to me, but in the case of a ‘hit and run’, it’s effectively just skipping the counter attacker’s turn.

EDIT: Actually, in both cases (your example and mine) the attack occurs when there is no opponent, I’m just not sure if that’s legit for both 1) the opponent dying and 2) a ‘hit and run’

Hey Somedinoguy, could you make sure that your opponent’s Ornithomimus was not defeated with the counter when it used Impact and Run? If Megalosuchus’s Armor Piercing Counter had knocked out Ornithomimus when it used its Impact and Run ability, the damage for Ferocious Strike will not go through however you will still receive the damage buff increase.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it didn’t, I recall having to finish him off later, but I’ll see if I can set up a friendly and try it again!