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Another daily missions subject


Hope this isn’t repetitive, but this doesn’t make sense to me, 190 direct hits required and a cap of 140 darts. So, unless one is sitting on a supply drop, there would be no way to earn the 325 coins without spending 100 dino bucks (I do lots of 5/50 and rare capsules in the evenings). There needs to be an obtainable goal that doesn’t change based on the prior day. Go on a couple day road trip as a passenger and supply drops required go up drastically. The reward isn’t of use at all, but getting rid of the red number in the corner is incentive enough for me to try. One small common scent would be much better.


You have the whole day to get those hits. So dart some dinos, go out and resupply darts at some supply drops, and then repeat the process. It’s not all at once or nothing.


Once I get home going back out to resupply would involve making at least a 10 mile road trip. My main point was that increasing the amount of required supply drops, direct hits, etc. based on the prior day doesn’t make sense. It should be the same for everyone regardless. I was up to 52 supply drops needed at one point. Sub zero temps don’t help much unless you drive and gas costs real money too.