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Another day another bug. Yay ludia

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Bug Description: if a person uses a hit and run move against tryko, haven’t played against anything else with instant invincibility. The shield will last for two turns. The shield stays after the hit from the run move and shields the next creatures first attack.

Area is was found in: multiple times in the arena.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- creature uses hit and run move, rampage and run
Step 2 - tryko uses instant invincibility
Step 3 shield blocks impact from run and remains an additional turn. Allowing two turns of shield.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: every time

What type of device are you using:
iPhone 8

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

I’d like to hope your team is hard at work fixing this boost issue, although I doubt it. But here’s something else to consider, almost cost me the last match had indo not dodged crit rampage. I don’t need help losing in this new arena I’m down 500 trophies and still dropping so, if you’re done breaking the game, here’s another bug you can add to the to do list.

I can confirm this happened to me as well. I posted three days ago and got no response at all.

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That makes two of us. @Ned

This has been reported since 1.7 launch. it’s happening to all of us sadly

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Not only tryko but any instant invincibility skill against any hit-n-run

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Hit and run currently doesn’t count as a turn. Not only instant invincibility, all self buffs, for instance short defense are extended for 1 turn if the opponent uses hit and run in the game.

As if arena wasn’t a mess already balance wise without this -_-!

This happened to me yesterday too. A tryko hit my erli with the counterattack without suffering damage when he put the shield. I enter my Dilora and, to my surprise, the shield was still there.

Something strange has also happened to me with tryko (against) and with dioraja (in favor of me and against). After a combination that is not remembered, these two creatures had both shield and distraction, is this possible?

But, if this is so, I understand that it is a mistake, right?

I try to explain myself.

If an erli does “Hit and Run” and the Tryko hits “Shatering” on turn 1, the tryko will perform the counter attack on turn 1 (to the Erli) and the attack before the turn 2 begins (to the creature that enters). This is correct because the Tryko must not lose the blow and that blow is still part of turn 1.

If an Erli does “Hit and Run” and the tryko “Instant Invincibility” in turn 1, the tryko uses its blow before the Erli, avoiding its blow. Therefore, when the new creature enters, the blow of the Tryko is already finished because he has made his blow and his backlash to the Erli. Otherwise, the tryko would use his stroke on turn 1 and on turn 2.

Therefore, it is clear to me that this is an error. Does someone interpret it in another way?

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Yes you have explained it correctly, the Hit and Run attack should have “Consumed” the Instantly Invincibility shield.

Edit: The events should go like this -

  1. Tryko Shields with Instant Invincibility
  2. Shield is up
  3. Erlidom uses Hit and Run
  4. Hit and Run hits the shield and does no damage
  5. Shield is SUPPOSED to go down
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That’s how it worked until this update.

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I think I had something similar except with indo evasive lasting 4 turns instead of 3. I defeat opponents dino with dilo. Opponent brought in indo and this sequence happened.

  1. Indo evasive.
  2. Dilo GSR, indo stunned but no damage
  3. Dilo rampage and run, no damage.
  4. Stego in, I believe indo did a turn here.
  5. Stego thagomizer, did damage
  6. Stego rampage no damage as evasive was still on even though this was my 4th attack.

Thanks for letting us know, @Scubasteve. Our team has received reports of this, and they’re currently investigating.


It happened to me too this morning with Erlidom and Tryko(opponents one)…thought it may have been a bug…glass I checked before adding a report… :slight_smile:

Yes, this will happen if Player 1 swaps creatures or uses a priority move with a faster creature in the same turn as Player 2 uses Instant Distraction or Instant Invincibility, and Player 2 then uses the other in the next turn.

Yes, I suppose this makes sense. The next time I see it, I’ll try to remember how that situation came about.