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Another day, still no news

Just got my butt handed to me by another L30 Thor boosted beyond belief.

Will this be ending anytime soon?

What’s going on!?

A little communication goes a long way Ludia (though, if the first few thousand times someone said this didn’t sink in, my message surely won’t either).


Yes, i am also waiting for the solution.

Or, at least, I want an equal chance to boost my dinos’ speed. I did not exploit the speed boost and I should not be punished by my honesty. Cap the speed at tier 8 now (and those who already reached tier 8 can no longer buy speed boosts) and give the rest of playerbase to buy unlimited speed boosts to catch up.

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At this point, I wouldn’t expect any answers from Ludia.

I doubt their intentions and plans (or lack thereof) will even be communicated.

They working tirelessly…apparently

Sleeping probley hoping it will all go away

I speculate they have problems with the law, people have bought a product they offered in the game.

People diden’t know this was a ’bug’.
And they let that product stay for many days without taking actions.

I think they don’t know how to fix this,


It will all go away…the player base.


Yeah guys!!! The problem Is that now I have to fight against people used the exploit (boosts) and I have no chance for winning cause many players have the dinosaurs overpowered by the boosts!! And then I need of boosts but they were removed… How can I do???

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There was once a bug with ankylocodon, and I bought a ton of coins to level it. They nerfed it (sorry, fixed the bug) without a second thought. Not sure this is the issue. I honestly think they just don’t know what they’re doing.


I just drop arena ranks till I can get my daily arena rewards hassle free. I don’t worry what levels I have or who I fight anymore. I used to, but not now.

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I went from doing dozens of battles daily just for fun to afk queuing in order to get 1-2 kills towards by daily inc.



But how fun is it to set you full team on the bench?

After all effort.

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As I see it.

You buy coins. Free to spend wherever you want.

You invest coins in dino. They change dino-stats (WHY!?)

Now you buy money for a product, boost, they drawback this. And will probably offer a refound, but not sure they can DEMAND that people give that back.

I’m not lawyer.

But same thing if you buy a lamp on the store, fabric say it’s problem with it, but they can’t search every buyer up and force them back. People give them back because it’s not working, of free will. Not sure L can force every player to give back something that works, and that they bought…

I’m not sure what you mean by sit them on the bench? I dont change up my team for lower arenas, that defeats the pourpose. I dont fight for fun anymore.

I used to fight for the fun and challenge, now I just need my battle INC.

It’s not by choice, its litterally the only place in game I can get the DNA I need and there is no choice. :neutral_face:

I thought you change team for low-level dinos and derank.

But you probably use same team when you drop :slight_smile:

I totaly would change out my A team if I dropped for fun, excitement and challenge. :slight_smile:

After boosts, I just want my battle INC, so no switching, no playing games. I do stop fighting soon as I get it. Im not sitting there all day rolling noobs or anything. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve dropped from 5300 to 3600ish lol. I get my INC really quick and im done with arena for the day.

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It could be a good response to their silence. However, for the same reason it could be “Illegal” nerf a dino for which someone paid money, for example. There could always be ingenious solutions, for example, to provide all creatures with a passive quality that cancels the speed boosts of the opposite creature :slight_smile:

they probably have no one left to fix the game. anyone working on this game would have jumped ship by now and gone to another company that isn’t a complete dumpster fire


Shame. This game started off sooooo good.

Sure there have always been balance problems with PvP, from vanilla to 1.6 in fact lol. But never anything that fractured the game like 1.7 did.

It’s not like boosts are the culprit here either, they had (still have?) great potential for this game.

Unfortunately the constant tech problems and lack of new content testors (or competent content testors?) is legit killing the game off.

Ludia seems to be seriously under-staffed and they should endeavor to hire more Devs and Quality Assurance peeps, ASAP. :wink:


I dropped my VIP on Sunday. Had a help ticket open for 8 days with no reply. Figured threatening to cancel is not going to cut it. It is time to just cut the cord. Will happily start funding the game again when they can be bothered to keep the players updated on what is going on.


guessing it might just be done. this is exactly how they killed TMNT Legends. Dumb update that everyone hated, never heard another word from Ludia. Just sits in the play store saying “Last Update: 2017”. make sure you understand that they won’t tell you, they’ll just leave the game hoping people keep spending money on a game that is left for dead

probably will hang it up in the next few days :man_shrugging: