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Another Dragon to Upgrade


I’ve been grinding and have leveled up the dragons I use most often. H/e, to get them up another star, I need to get another of the same dragon. Any tips or tricks? They’re 3*, 4*, and 5*.


Breed and LUCK!


I find it difficult also. It’s a catch 22. You need to get certain objects to level up but to get those objects you need stronger dragons. It’s a paradox. I have written to the Devs with this problem. If they don’t make it a bit easier or even give us a chance to buy to level up we just can’t. I have two 5* and multiple 4* and I can’t get over 4000 strength level. I can’t even get close.


They have added direct buys of duplicate dragons. When you have one that needs the dupe, you are offered a chance to purchase the dupe, coins and scales needed once you max it where you need the dupe

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I have seen that. But I don’t have the money for it. If we could get the dragons with runes or something, I’d like that better.


My packages have only been for runes and not money

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Whoops. Maybe I just assumed money.