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Another dropper

I mean seriously, what does dropping do for you.


Makes it easier to farm incubators. I dropped several times for a different reason though.

Once you hit Aviary (it used to be Library, but it seems to have shifted now) you will see mostly the same dinos, many of them super-boosted. Frankly it’s pretty boring. Those who bought the most boosts usually win, with some exceptions.

I dropped so that I could try out different dinos (mostly Legendaries) that I did not have to boost to play. I could change out my team, try new things and have some fun. Once you make the climb it gets pretty hard to change out your boosted team, unless you are willing to lose, like a lot. Was great to go up against some different teams.

The Thor is likely just there if the person gets mad at someone.


oh, thats strange, only a 12.5% chance of getting a winning chance but it wont take out three oppontents.

Wow that’s just pathetic… revenge Thor in case this player might loose (against anyone of the weaker opponents he chose to battle on purpose)… it’s as sad as it’s hilarious.

This is why I’ve always said matchmaking should take into account team strength, but ONLY your strongest creature.
It’d screw over crutch teams big time, but they’re trying to screw over the game (and everybody who plays it), so it serves them right.


I don’t think it is if they lose. I am pretty sure they expect to lose with that team. I think they have it in case someone brings out some pathetic, super-boosted rat or something. I had something like that on my team for just that kind of purpose when I dropped and when rat was more of an issue. Would only use it against rat and would then switch back and let them win. Seemed like a lame point to make though and I am not proud of it, so took it off the team. If your purpose is to let the other person win just do it and don’t waste their time.

Who knows though. Maybe they are trying to get low enough and then just use that Thor to one shot the entire other team. 137 is a very fast (and silly) Thor IMO.

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I kept my level 30 Tryko in reserve when my opponent starts to act dumb. Like show off the rat when their current Dino would have won the first matchup anyway. Or use Erlidominus Cloak against my level 1 common.


Lol - yeah, that kind of why I had mine in. Hated that rat.

Really? Your level 20 Utasino cannot beat my level 7 Diplo? You got to bring in the rat?


I did that when I was exploring Library. Had my IndoR G2 in reserve in case I wanted to punish nitro Thoras. Had fun. Nublar Shores is boring compared to the fun you can have trolling in Lib.


When you get the long losing streak, some people embrace it.

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Not like that anymore. Running up against mostly lvl 29/30 teams in Lib and highly boosted. Not sure if more are dropping to troll for the inc’s or what, but it’s very different than it was even a few months ago. Used to be a lot of lvl 22/24 teams there (that’s what I was when I first hit it). I almost feel bad if I come up against a lvl 24 team now.

I dropped levels on this past Monday as well because I was getting bored facing same Dino’s and wanted to use some new ones. Went from low library all the way down below 4700. But climbed my way back to around 5200 as I slowly reintegrated my usual team. It was actually fun, I recommend it.

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Yep, that is exactly what I did. Threw in some 18 - 21 levels and just let myself fall until I hit a proper stopping point, then I started to work my way back up to about 5200. Adjusting as I went. What’s was funny is how many teams I came close to beating with the right level 18 team.

I would like to thank you kind sir for punishing and trolling the nitro thors in library. They are the bane of my existence and I refuse to use any rats or crutches.

Hey, you gotta get some kills while you drop, right? :smiling_imp: Losing 2-3 is still dropping successfully

The gloves come off when I’m trying to throw a fight and they use the rat for some reason. LOL

Paraphrasing Draco from How to Train Your Dragon 2: You need Dracocertops to fight Dracoceratops.