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Another duel

Nope it’s official you continue to cheat shevarith lamp the purple one at the brginning doesnt reach to kill enemy shevarith lvl 8 ooook then it does 3/4 of damage to tommus lol tommus has much more armor and hit points than shevarith then again at the end I can use it on a one quarter of live farideh but surprise surprise it doesnt kill her and i lost…come on …i have no word not anymore…i want just to quit :frowning:

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I have controlled farideh hit points and armor and there is no way at 1/3 health she can withstand a hit by weapon that does 1400-2000 damage …no way men…

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Hang In There Fabrizio_d_Ottavio
Hope It Gets Better For You
And Sorry About Before,
I’ve Tried To Solve That Problem For Everyone,
NOW You Can See How Many Pictures It Has Before You Click On It👍

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Like The Name By The Way!!!
Does That Name Fabrizio_d_Ottavio Have Any Affiliation With The Titanic Movie???

I Can Be A Smarty Farty From Time To Time!!!

Are you editing the titles or is it a mod’s doing?

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No, I Went Through And Counted Myself.
Got To Thinking About Some Of The Stuff You Said, And Evaluated Some Of The Things I’ve Come Across, Along My Path Throughout The Depths Of The Deep,
Tring To Make It For The Better I Guess😄
Change Things Up A Little Bit :wink:
Definitely Got Influenced By You retsamerol
Thanks Again For You’re Input :+1::smiley::grin:

I Was Going To Apologize About The Language Barrier Situation, But It Said I Had To Wait 19 Hours, Because I Had To Many Transactions OF Some Sort!
So I Saved It Till Then😁

I Didn’t Do All Of My Listings, But I Got The Majority Of Them! :grinning: