Another earl buff

I tried to make Erlidominus better

erlidom does not need a precise move at all

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What it doesn’t need is 100% distraction reistance while also having Revenge Cloak, that’s overkill, and considering it has a precise ability? Yeah, no, this is insane.


Erlidom already has distraction immunity with revenge cloak and it still sucks. I don’t see how adding a precise move will make it insane considering it does literally nothing to help erlidom against things that pose problems to it like armor and shields

In fact, the suggested buff is too little imo, I would give it vulnerability immunity and a bit more hp on top, even then I don’t see it being used too often


well the problem is that you would not be able to stop that revenge cloak rampage with dodge at all because it would cut right through

As far as I remember, Erlidom shares the same distraction reistance with Indom. Could be wrong, haven’t seen one in ages.

But why does erlidom need to be stopped by dodge in the first place. It’s already super hard countered by resilient moves, armor, shields, swappers, slow, etc. I don’t find it necessary for erlidom to be countered by dodge as well

Erlidom has always been immune to distraction, ever since it was added there hasn’t been one patch where you could distract it

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Earlidom just need to be 100% immune to speed reduction. That’s all it needs.

Erlidominus is already somewhat decent with distraction immunity and revenge cloak, it really doesn’t need a precise move.

Erlidominus mainly needs more hp as well as a change with its vulnerable and decell resistence

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Definitely needs 3900 hp

Maybe an idea swap the precise rampage for armour piercing rampage. Made from indom and has no way to counter armour.
But it shouldnt be able to break shield.


The precise ability and health is the only change I made. I did not change resistances or cloak

I changed it based on the comments:
(Accidentally put fierce rampage, that was an accident, I meant to put armor piercing rampage)

Yeah I think this would help erlidom but not make him too strong.
Gains AP, but loses his strong turn 1 and there are so many ways to counter cloak.

The only change Erlidominus needs is 100% Chance to Dodge 67% Damage with its Cloak, and that’s it. It’s kit and Resistances are otherwise perfect for it as it is.

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My take on an Erlidominus buff is definitely an odd one, but I wanted to make it more unique compared to other reworks. I tried making it endgame viable while still having hard counters against the likes of Skoona, Testa, Ankylos Lux, and pretty much any resilient with shield and armor.