Another epic hybrid tourney, zzzzzzz

Somebody wake me up when they change tournament formats. Nighty, night…


Well Velos seemed to get 300 extra health since the last epic hybrid skill tournament. Does that count?

What happened to the Commons and Rares? Why not play with strictly Commons? I haven’t seen a Common Tournament in months. As much as I like playing with hybrids, I want to play around with he new Common creatures that I’ve obtained.

Or if they’re gonna keep these Epic tournaments, give me more hybrids to work with.

I think the last common tournament was in march (just commons)

Exactly. That was 9 months ago. Ever since then have been Epics, legendaries and Uniques. And then on top of that, we’ve been stuck on hybrids.

Sarcorixis for everyone!

It is quite simple:

1- Make epic hybrid and non hybrid tournament for months
2- Make people pay tons of money in order to boost their Rhinos and Rixis to get exclusive DNA on advantage tourneys
3- After the farm of :dollar: :dollar:, pretend to be a good “listener” and nerf Rixis and Rhino
4- Create new Procerat, Rhinos and Rixis
5- Go back to step “1”


Indeed still waiting for a commen only tournament. Happy i have my 10 take downs and no longer have to think about it. Had to play 10 matches, all my opponents had sarcorixis. How many time did i draw rexis are its counters, 0 times. The speed on that thing i way to high

It very boring
More boring than 145 speed Thor

What is a counter for Rixis anyway? Is it Entelochops? It doesn’t get slowed or stunned. Seems like the only way to be a decent counter for Rixis is to be immune to one or both effects…

But then again, Ankylocodon is still mediocre against it.

Chops, Thyla and Indom mainly.

I beat a sarcorixis with a megalogaia but I think I just got lucky instead of megalogaia being a counter

Another silly “who tap faster” tournament

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