Another example of broken matchmaking

Match #1: get matched against dinos 5+ levels above my dinos. Get easily killed. Lose 25-30 trophies.
Match #2: get matched against dinos 5+ levels above my dinos. Get easily killed. Lose 25-30 trophies.
Match #3: Play idiotic AI. Easily win. Get 50 trophies.

repeat matches 1 through 3 to extreme annoyance and agitation only losing net 10 trophies every cycle. Rarely play anyone near my dino level. Always get murdered except by AI or if someone drops. Never drop enough trophies to actually play anyone near my dino level. Have to play a minimum of 12 matches just to get incubators; thats an hour of wasted game time just getting chewed up by people much higher levels and every 3rd match playing a dumb AI. Easily makes me want to chuck game in trash every time.

how to fix this insanity:

  1. don’t give so many trophies (50!!???) for beating stupid AI. otherwise we never drop down to trophy level we actually belong in to play other people.
  2. Weight matchmaking more heavily on your dinos level and/or rarity rather than trophies.

This is the one reason I like to stay in the lower arenas on my 2nd account. I can at least win every 3rd battle and some times the next morning I get the AI even though I won the last battle against a real person the night before.

I understand your pain. I put together a team of mostly level 11’s with a 12 or 13 and am getting to play against our great unchanging alliance mission rewards now getting up to level 18. I’m forced to have bleeders or I’d never win.


ai doesnt reward trophies


I think it actually does as long as you dont choose the option. The bot teams you get random that swap around after you have 2 kills do award trophies, at least I think they do.


Where do you win 50 trophies playing against AI? Because of the wonky arena and [can’t say it here because if would get censored] matchmaking I often play on my son’s account in Badlands/Lockdown (dino levels 14-18)… after 2 losses I get an easy bot that swaps all the time, but I only get 10 trophies. Which sounds about right/fair (we don’t want the newer players to get discouraged and quit).

On my own account (currently in lower Aviary) I rarely get a bot, but when I do it doesn’t award any trophies. So where do you get 50 trophies playing against a bot?

ive never gotten a random ai. i lose 2 3 4 it doesnt care about me i guess lol. only time i get the bot is if i choose it.


The planets must have aligned, because lady luck has finaly decided to caress me in her sweet embrace.

It only took me 4 battles to get my DBI tonight, all wins.

Finally broke back into 5k+ range too, where I was kicked out at the begining of 1.7 some weeks ago (5300+).

I decided not to push my luck and stopped there. For the first time in weeks, I finished my DBI without wanting to watch the world burn afterwords. :wink:


Its already based on team average and rarity. That’s why you are having this issue. I’m going to guess your team avg is 22-24 and you face lvl 28-30 dinos lol. They need to changer something because it isn’t working.

It is working for lower teams and higher teams. Higher teams get to chew up lower teams and lower teams battle eachother. While mid teams are higher teams dinner. I hardly face anyone my own dino levels lol.

is your team evenly boosted?

i was at about 5400 trophies and dropped all the way down to 4600. finally got back in to 5k today

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I think he would have to have at least a few 26s or a 27 to face 28+, but really IDK how they figure stuff. There is no reference material to assertain answers from.

Welcome Back!


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this has really improved my gameplay. i still have those oof moments every now and then though lol. i swear sometimes i just make the worst decisions haha. its a mind game though and sometimes you guess right and sometimes you just bomb lol.

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Screen of current battles

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My dinos are level 13. So this is sub 4500 trophies where the matchmaking changes

well that guy isnt boosted.

My team was evenly boosted but I had to take a few out for non boosted dinos to help get a better chance on facing dinos my “strength”.

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Well i boosted most my dinos but nothing past level 3 boost. Not like I’ve got a 135 speed Tyrannosaurus

Well, what do you know, I’m also back to my pre-1.7 range. Crossed 5,200 an hour ago, after falling to a low of 4,290ish (ouch). Was made doubly satisfying by the fact that it happened when I anticipated an opponent’s Draco swap, swapping my Thor in TWO moves prior to his/her Draco swap-in (I thought “no way are they going this deep with Dioraj; they have a backup plan, and it’s probably a cheap shot”). Thor finished the job with a deeeeply satisfying crit.


Same here. I rarely boost my dinos past tier 3. The only exceptions are my Monosteg, whose speed is tier 4 on accident because I tapped too dang fast, and my Yoshi, whose recently been boosted to tier 4 in attack. Because that rampage is something else xD