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Another exploit comes to light

As has been stated by Ludia staff, Speed boosts are NOT meant to be availble for purchase, as you see if you go to the store there is only health and damage boosts.

However, if you get a dinosaur to speed boost rank 3, and dont have enough speed boost points, if you click the button to apply a boost, you will be prompted with a popup asking you if you wish to purchase a speed boost for 500 dino cash!

So if you have been seeing massively speed boosted dinosaurs, when they shouldnt be able to get to that tier with just daily incubator speed boost tokens, now you know!

But please as always DO NOT use this, it is an exploit and exploiting is considered cheating!
And to remind you again, they are NOT meant to be available yet! So this IS a bug!

Dont risk your account, dont use it as tempting as it may be!

Edit: And here is the Mod post stating that Speed Boosts arent meant to be purchasable yet!

its not an exploit. ludia said this works as intended.

Thats incorrect, a Ludia mod posted today stating Speed boosts are not meant to be purchasable yet!

literally been a thread about this going on for 2 days right beneath this one. why start this one? and then quote it multiple times? :sweat_smile:


Yeah sorry I didnt actually read that one at first, seen it AFTER creating this thread, my bad lol. Ive always been for reporting bugs and so forth, so soon as I was told about it by a friend I posted this!

Well least it clears up the confustion over if Speed Boosts being bought or not is intended, which its not!

Edit: Just call me UnCleverBoy haha
Havent had much sleep either lol, was my uncles 40th last night. Hectic night >.<!

he is correct, they are not available in the market like the other two but they are available as one time offers after you reach certain speed tiers. this is how its intended. and everyone is privy to this.

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Speed is now available in the store to purchase for 500 HC.


Yep seen it now, I wonder if it was always set to trigger to show up on a certain date, or if Ludia is back in office and fixing things?