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Another fix the matchup system post


I don’t have a single Dino in my collection above 18 and that’s a rare. Next highest is a lvl 16. This is a joke. Anyone think this is a fair fight?


Same here. Everyday I have at least 2-3 unfair matches. I’m just sick of these matchmakings. And now with the new season… even more unfair.


My gf is in sorna with a level 24 raptor because we focused on raptor hunting very early on and got them higher level than anything else on our teams. The rest of her team isn’t even level 20 because she hasn’t been able to play much lately. We’re in the era of overleveled Stegodeus right now so expect that to become the standard.


Lol I should have hunted more raptors to for indoraptor. It’s a very good counter for stegodeus. My Irex is lvl 20 but raptor lvl 16 :sob: i expect 3-4 more months for enough raptor dna to start with indoraptor.


It’s ok I have an indoraptor and get it about once every 20 battles :joy:


I can count on one hand the number of times Stegodeus made it to my deck :rofl:


I agree with this, I feel like I never get mine and when I do the other person has one about 5 levels higher :sweat_smile:


Matchmaking range is >±450 trophies.


The raptor spawns have definitely increased since the last update. Its not as good as it was in v1.2 but its at least double what it was in v1.3. I go out almost every night lately and usually get at least 5k v-raptor DNA. My night hunts have become 2-3 hours because i just keep finding raptors


Well, it was the same here where a live but now after the update raptors are rarer. Now i keep finding dracorex gen2.:sob:


If you are facing people with a similar amount of trophies, but higher level dinosaurs, that just means you are a better player.