Another frustrating VIP challenge

I was excited to see another 3XP challenge only to learn I have to complete the incompletable (for me and my current roster ) Lightfinger Estates PvE in order to be eligible, so glad I am a VIP, else I may have missed this event I don’t qualify for.

While not in the same situation I agree there are ongoing problems with how they waster VIP events. Most are useless for VIP players. It is a complete waste to put an XP event in Lightfinger. Players that complete in Lightfiner do not need, and most do not pursue additional XP. We’ve got all the XP we need. In fact, I wish I could return about 6 levels of XP.

A gold or gem event would be more suitable for Lightfinger Estate. Unfortunately, those are reserved for the beginner challenges.

This is yet another VIP event suitable only for intermediate players, who unfortunately do not qualify.

After months of failure, the developers finally fixed the ToM event, perhaps now they can begin to correct some of these blunders.

I was finally happy they added lightfinger so I can keep on leveling up Jarl but only 4 runs… I was hoping 8 just like the very low level runs. I know they cannot please everyone but 4 runs is done in less than 30 mins. Guess I am back to grinding.

Disagree about not pursuing XP. Only wish we could get 8 runs instead of 4. I have zero interest in gold and minimal interest in gems so grinding Lightfinger is my go to but it gets tiresome when there are no gear rewards that benefit me so having 3 times the XP is very welcomed.

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I’m just happy it is higher level for decent rewards while I do them to complete daily quests. :slight_smile:

XP is a waste of time above level 15. The horrific amounts of gold it costs is not worth the pathetic stat increases you get

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I was okay with the event being XP, but I’m a bit of a grinder looking to get my team to level 20 just for completion’s sake.