Another hate topic @ Ludia's broken mentality

I really hate this 1 day a week Epic spawn. I really don’t know who in Ludia actually came out of this broken idea.

Since this is happening and actually from last week and this week I didn’t even find a single Darwin … At-least with park spawn I could have gotten few with scents. But now scents are also useless.

Applause for Ludia and their awesome mentality.

I’ve been doing a lot of hunting in locals/parks and it is really frustrating due to the lack of spawns in general. An alliance member said the other day, now that’s its created they just have to boost it. I’m really not sure what the thought process is at hq, but sure wish it would change because almost every aspect of the game has changed.

You know what? I have seen 3-4 Darwin a week but I never ever see her in any park before. Her spawn rate seen to be higher than any daily Epic.

Seems like spawn rates are per player? I saw only 1x Any till now today, 0 Darwin since past 2 weeks, but on the other hand 3x t-rex, 2x Brachio, 2x second, 2x Nodo, 2x Monolo in past 2.5 days …

But really I don’t need any one of them. Had 10K+ DNA of each of above.

I don’t think so. It depends on the density of supply drop in the area. More supply drop = more spawn.

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Good to know if this is true. I did notice my luck with Maiasaura changes without really knowing why. One week only one even though I travelled a lot that day so I expected to have more chance finding her somewhere. And the other week 3 all nearby. And not so many supply drops. Pure luck that day I guess.

Daily (nonHybrid) rares and epics have a (relatively) high chance to spawn. You can read up on the metahub article.

If you didn’t find any Anky, Darwin, Smilo, you’ve been very unlucky or not at the right place (spawn density) or just not out and about enough. I regularly discover ~3 of the daily epics.

It’s actually a good thing dailys don’t spawn from scents. That way you can still grind for the local/park stuff (Tenonto, Dilo, Dime, Draco, Erlik, Ourano, Grypo). Otherwise these grinds would be totally useless now.

I didn’t find Darwin not a single one in past 2 weeks when I was out hunting for 40+ km and 4 hours around per day (of week)

Yesterday I spent my time and efforts spending 4.5 hours in whole day/night + 50+km distance and found only 3x Anky.

Can you please tell me how to find out spawn density? I live in a big city and also travelled to another big city yesterday with like bunch of supply drops every few 100 meters distance.

How are you travelling? I’m normally cycling. That enables me to cover a lot of ground & get quickly to that far off dino if needed. But I’m still slow enough to discover most of the “close proximity” spawns.

If you’re travelling faster (car, bus…) you’ll miss out on many of those, because they just wont pop up in time.

And dense areas are just the areas with loads of supply drops. Additionally you could check google maps for areas with lots of different businesses to increase your chances on different nest spawns.


That’s not entirely right. Found last two Saturdays two Darwins in similar area with not much supply drops.
I think that daily spawns work similar as local spawns, that has higher chance to spawn in certain areas.
Where I live I barely saw two Ankys since they become daily spawn. Found two in other areas. While I see 5-10 Maia each time they are daily spawn.

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Grinding with scents for epics like Grypo is useless, cause of global epic spawns. Last two epic scents gave me 0 Grypo and 2 global epics. Where is the point to going into certain local to grind for local dinos if you can get any other dino, that’s not daily spawn.