[Another] Help with Team


Feeling a bit overwhelmed with choice now … this is my current team which isn’t doing great … just over 4000 before and at the end of the tourney and on 3802 now.

Tanycolagreus was in until I unlocked Spinotasuchus last night; new DOT attack is nice (also have L16 Spinotahraptor)

Other candidates include:

L17 Pyrritator
L16 Megalosuchus
L18 Gigaspikar
L16 Utasinoraptor
L16 Allosinosaurus

Any suggestions for swaps or where I should be focusing my efforts?

Need Monolophosaurus for leveling up Monostegotops and to create Monomimus (have enough Galli).


utahsino or pyrritator instead of spinotasuchus


You’ve got tanks, heavy hitters and speedsters…
it’s actually pretty good.

Maybe drop your least effective tank for either utahsinoraptor, allosino or even pyrritator… that quicker Instant charge will Probably come in handy (pyrritator got a new wounding impact too)


pyrritator didnt. pyroraptor did


My mistake… cross that


i would love that if they gave pyrritator wounding impact instead of r2c but that is never happening XD


@Tsuki @Hersh Pyrritator was my number one thought too. I like Spinotasuchus but it probably needs leveling up to be effective. My heart says to keep T-Rex, my head says it probably should go …


Hopefully will get Pyrritator up to L18 or even higher with the event coming up …


it probably shouldnt actually. dont level it up until you make indoraptor and then go for trykosaurus i guess but it is good in your team. you need more ways out of shields,especially with alankyntrasaurus coming. take out spinutah and maybe the least useful tank for utasino and pyrritator. pyrritator does more damage but with new insta charge utahsino has a way to play around superiority, which is big


if you have gorgosuchus or trykostronx it is better than trex tho


I very much agree… superiority (albeit a great and useful move) rendered the legendary raptors kind of weak …a 1 delay insta charge I felt was a great way to balance it Out


I would even consider dropping the T. rex for allosino and dropping your least useful tank for a legendary raptor


that might be good too. in addition to these changes i would suggest the other legendary raptor instead of spinotasuchus


Spino isn’t great. Very few dinos are affected by bleed atall or for long. Utah one delay stun is useful. Might be obvious but get your indom to 20!


@Tsuki - I have never got on well with Gorgosuchus - mine is L16
@Hersh - what would you say is the least useful tank in the team - I find all 3 useful in their own way
@Alex_Dhir - as soon as T-Rex is up to L20 (very close now); I will use the DNA for I-Rex and ultimately Indoraptor (I have a L20 Velo and a fair bit of DNA) - latest project :slight_smile:


Fair enough! I did the opposite and went all out for indoraptor as I found everyone past 4000 had him and he can be such a c*** lol


I think you might be right; I’m a long way to making use of a L20 T-Rex especially if I drop it from the team; makes more sense to level up I-Rex and go for Indoraptor


If your Stegaceratops wasn’t at such a high level and just gotten an armor buff, I’d recommend that… but unfortunately it may come down to trago or mono…
Both excellent hybrids that are usually staples of most higher level teams … so it’s a tough choice for sure.

I’d judge it based on the type of players you frequently see in your arena…
Would nullify help More or would cleanse/shields?

Sorry I didn’t give you a specific answer but hopefully narrowing it down helps… once you level them up though, I’m sure you’ll find a place for either on your new team. I just think right now you need something that will hit/hurt a little more and moves faster/often


Thank you for all of the advice (please feel free to add more anyone)

I think for now it is Pyrritator and Utasinoraptor in and Spinotasuchus and T-Rex out; plus switch focus from T-Rex to I-Rex and ultimately Indoraptor.


dont wait for trex to go level 20. just make indo now and then go for trykosaurus. and gorgo actually was better with adrenalin surge but even now it has uses. it dishes more damage on turn 2 then a same level trex with dsr