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Another Jax event issue

After you finish the recruiting of one eyed Jax is his training adventure supposed to be available?
If yes then im unsure why I cant access it. I still have the VIP tier to finish but I already got Jax and others in my guild said it became available after getting him…

Is he in your roster?

Yes I got him hours ago

I have VIP but havent done that tier but other vips I know said they got the training event but have not finished the VIP tier either… And now the game wont save any progress either…

It doesn’t matter what you do right now, the game isn’t saving progress for anything. Once you complete something you get an error and have to restart. Whatever you did previously is erased. Frustrating. Hope Ludia is aware and doesn’t let it go all weekend.

Oh I know that but I was curious why I havent gotten access to his training even when I unlocked him. Like everyone else has. I had him recruited 5-6 hours before these error 107 issues started popping up

The real question here is why do you still have VIP?

Right, but is he one of your four active characters?

I had money on my google play account for so long I decided to use it. Its not being renewed id rather buy books with whats left after all the issues with this game :joy:

Yes @Jack he is but no training event ever showed up after I got him

I got a screen shot from a guild mate and the training event is just not appearing for me at all… Sadly with the terrible issues the game is having right now I will just have to miss out I guess

Hello tony_poore. Would you mind please emailing our team at with your support key so they can look into your situation?


Ty I already have. Its strange I have screenshots to send them if they respond. But my last few support requests didnt have any response other than we are looking into it. I just dont want to miss out on his legendary

I have a screenshot from a friend with his training adventure complete and one of my explores special tab with no training adventure. Not even a banner for it

The real question is why did you ever have VIP?

I put a ticket in several hours ago. A few hours later I was told they were aware. Sort of mad I spent 100 gems to go to the second level of this, when I started this said it was an event to get the woman with the invincible hand summon. I already have Jarlaxle

It is still just a Jarlaxle event instead of that other character it was originally, but it seems to be allowing progress again.

Horke it was always intended to be jarlaxle not varaja sadly…im sure eventually there will be a recruitment for her as well though

It was showing the other character for me last night and this morning for the first two levels, it even called it Sitting for the Exam or whatever her event was called. I know because I searched for it online to make sure that was what it was.

Also for everyone it seems like they did some sort of hot fix to swap out the normal levels for the event levels because most of the levels the enemies are two levels below my main characters instead of two levels above. It is actually a lot of fun to play now, and Jarlaxle can contribute to the fight in a meaningful way as well as survive the whole level instead of dying on the first hit so I can gain some experience for him too.