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Another movie week? Getting outright silly now

We have had movie weeks far more than can be realistically justified. They are almost entirely boring with minimal variety. The only saving grace to them is when we get one of them that has exclusive DNA like Baryonyx G2 (which I was thankful for but one creature in a FULL WEEK is hardly worth the excitement).

I clearly, CLEARLY do not have the numbers Ludia does but something is gnawing at the back of my head and saying, ‘I don’t really think we’re getting a huge influx of new players that don’t have much of any of the base starting DNA that is comparable to people who have been playing for any significant amount of time’.

With each new creature update, we get our hopes up and think we might have a chance at making something team-level in any kind of reasonable time frame so MAYBE the ever-constant boost problem is minimized (that is, not having nearly enough to break minimal thresholds on a full compliment of our respective teams to make them even worth using, given the competition).

Then with that we are, time and again, proven wrong as we wind up in this situation where even the sanctuaries are pitifully underwhelming for just how long it takes to get any kind of measurable progress because YOU, Ludia, won’t actually provide the DNA in any considerable measure.

I understand; really, I do! We’re not supposed to be running around with a super-hybrid at level 30 under a month after a new creature is patched into the game. That is perfectly sound reasoning. What isn’t, though, is having any hard DNA to come across be locked away behind event weeks that are so infrequent that they’re practically in the running to be as bad as the similar situation with the whole ‘it took me two bloody years of playing to get a 30 Magnapyritor!!!1!111!!!’

I mean, would it kill you to at least have a few weeks thrown in where, for example’s sake, be creatures that…say, I don’t know…only spawn in Dawn/Dusk hours? For crying out loud, even with that, it’s sad that when Titanoboa G2 was on the docket, there were more event-specific spawns for that than I’ve seen TO THIS DAY in the gosh-darn wild since you put them into the game!

I am not claiming to know what a solid balance of events is but what you’re doing right now for how rare it is to have a, quote on quote, “good” week? You’re not even on the same plane of reality the rest of us are and it’s incredulously frustrating that we cannot actually expect y’all to realize that on your own.

So, please, actually stop and think about these events moving forward. Stop it with the movie weeks, ESPECIALLY.


They will stop since they’ve gone through all 5 movies already

I like that they do them tbh. I know by the end of all movies we get a little tired of it. But I still think its a good thing to push the films.

Now if they would do Battle at Big Rock… And have Allo g2 and some others thrown in.


These movie weeks do get old one right after the other, but… hear me out.

These are really easy to put out as they are repetitive. Only need to change very little. Then they can focus on bigger things, like the 1.15 update.


I like the idea of movie events but it’s realised poorly. Dinos are very repeatable, not to mention that Ludia cares only about new creatures, not buffing old ones, thus making most movie dinos’ DNA useless. Maybe they should make just “JP Trilogy” and “JW Trilogy” events, squishing it into 2 weeks instead of 5


I’d be open to that compromise so long as those squished events weren’t constantly weaved in but I have this sneaking feeling they probably would be. I’m perfectly willing to be proven wrong if such a change happened but I’m not going to hold my breath for it.

They did this last year, so it’s nothing new. It’s pretty good as it allows people to get access to daily creatures. Many people can’t go out and hunt and rely on giga scents, and with the inability to scent for dailies, it’s pretty good to get 2 daily rares


Every May-June they do this since all 5 movies came out in this time. They do need to do JP legacy for 2 weeks, I will make a topic on new week themes

I’m not a coder or anything, but how much work can it be to set up a new week? Just change a few dino names and press send? The most work should go into the promo shots and they keep messing those up. :rofl:

Still need to get management or something to approve something new and better. Plan it out and decide what’s in the incs and all that. I’m no coder either, so idk the whole process to that. But if they’re working on 1.15 and its supposed to be as big as they are making it out to be, they probably dont have many people not working on it. And it would still be full of bugs.

I think its tradition more than anything. This is the starting weeks for JWA in 2018.

Its a holding pattern while they figure 1.15 out. My suspicion they dun wanna give any hints or false hints to the direction of 1.15

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Meh, I won’t say no to more T-Rex dna.

Plus, all the additional Spinosaurus dna means more for Spinoconstrictor!

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It’s just outward lazy… they haven’t updated any of the events or come up with new ones in ages… and this recycling sure get repetitive and plain boring… I don’t get any excitement from the game anymore, I barely need to dart anything, since almost all my team dinos are maxed out, and I can’t change them up, cause everything else is either exclusive or has been stuck in a different zone since forever now (yes, we need a major migration)…

The events need to change and bring in the new creatures, otherwise the long-term players have no reason to play anymore…

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To play devil’s advocate - I would prefer not to have new creatures. It’s starting to get ridiculously hard to find certain DNA because they have too many different hybrids they are trying to cover. Would love to just see some fixes and other updates before they add more turtles, snakes, deer or pigs.

True enough, but not sure how much time management spend on these either, tbh. Regardless, they did pretty much the same last year around now so its probably scheduled months in advance.

Just a shame movie weeks are so dull.

The problem is I don’t really need any of the dinos featured in the movies… I need ones like Carbo, a little Woolly Rhino, Mammoth… I’d even take Darwino at this point.