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Another Nerf Thor thread

I see Thor still hasn’t had a nerf yet, let’s get that sorted please, it’s getting beyond a joke in pvp. Majority of them have enough with crit to damage your Thor counters through dodge or distraction and finish it with its instant stun, far too op when it’s direct counters struggle to counter it. Thankyou

Not sure its as op as u say, I think this may be a boost problem considering most people don’t use it in skill tourneys and instead use something like allosino when the opportunity is given, and every time I have seen a nerf thor thing there’s always screenshots nitro boosted things. Though I would like for it to be stripped of its bleed resis, that would probably help
may not be right when compared to what other say but that’s just my 2 cents


100% agree it’s a boost problem, Thor straight off the bat isn’t that badly balanced, which is why he turns stupid with boosts, the boost system which isn’t going anywhere needs to be taken into consideration, like it does with a lot of uniques, the likes of monolorhino or grypo and many others perform exceptionally poor until boosted, as it stands at the moment, boosts are making him far to strong for its counters, so something needs to change between the boosting system or Thor, I don’t mind which it is.

Thor doesn’t need a nerf. Odds are they are much higher level than you so that is the issue. Literally build up max, gem, spyx, smilonemyes (there’s even a raid for it), or even ornithomimus.


Thor isn’t the problem.

The problem lies with those players that like to call nerf to creatures.


Easier said then done.

nerf boosts would be the solution but ludia loves money money
btw why does thor have bleeding resistance? doesn’t make any sense

Thor is not imbalanced and does not need a nerf.
If you look at the top ten players in the world, only two of then use Thor…
8 of them don’t even have it on their team.

Get boosts. Add to any decent dino. Profit.
No boosts = No wins. It is as simple as that.


i think it was because the stygi raid, which is a dumb reason lol

Hate thor with a passion. But it doesnt need nerfed. Its jsut an easy to level gate keeper dino who is pretty bad on it’s own


lol I didn’t expect that, it’s ridiculous
thanks Ludia for never doing anything right

thor it’s actually a bad unique, the only thing why it is so annoying it’s cause it has many lvls above it’s counters in early arenas, somehow i wouldn’t mind if they nerf it’s instant charge a little bit like to make it medium instant charge or something like that


Thor has been nerfed before in actual fact Thor has been nerfed around 5 times in recent history with loss of power, hp, speed, abilities have been lowered or changed for another lower based ability or battle skill.
So no there is no more need to nerf Thor as there are currently enough counters to it that can and do grind the Thoradalosaur into the dust of Jurassic world ones that can lower its attack cycle & speed allowing opponents to clobber it big time if they plan their battles correctly. a decent strategy can and will block thor from doing major damage to you or most opponents Erlikospyx being one such creature that can kick the living daylights out of thor if used correctly it can be a great revenge killer taking out thor in 1 or 2 hits at most.!.

spyx it’s a good counter, except if instant charge stun but it’s still a matter of RNG

I’d love you to explain this theory it’s some what, confusing. Send it to me via private message though we can chat private, I find people keep it above the belt when they haven’t got an audience.

To the other non keyboard warriors thankyou for the reply’s, perhaps you are right I’m facing highly boosted level 30s, problem is all the counters that you all listed are far far harder to obtain, spyx I have at level 22 boosted around 4,8,10, the instant charge I always instant distraction, but spyx isn’t immune to stun so it’s a gamble, ardent I have at entry level, so he gets 1 shot. Perhaps his ease of fusing is the problem then. I shall just have to keep leveling up. I Appreciate the tips thankyou

Have you ever meet lv29 M-Rex?
Thor isn’t even a thing compare to that. :smiley:

Thor is actually weak. The problem is people super boost its speed and it can still deal massive damage

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I repeat, speed boosts are the problem

Not only is thoradolosaur one of the weaker Uniques without boosts, it also struggles due to it being really slow and being very easily counterable. I mean no hate to my boy Thor, and I love him though.
But in general, Thoradolosaur is just not that Powerful, He’s only good with boosts and if Anything needs more of a rework.

The main problem with Thor is people will level it up much faster than anything that can compete (apart from Indoraptor, DC and Monolometrodon) and dump all their resources into it, and then use it to obliterate lower level teams. On even grounds (with boosts or without boosts) it’s not that great.
I don’t think calling it a boost problem is quite accurate either. It’s more of a progression issue.