Another one bites the dust!

Sooo now I’m down to 1 of all those I’ve matched with that haven’t gone grey and I’m expecting this one to go pretty soon… ( HAVE HAD TO EDIT ORIGIONAL POST BCUS LOVELINK GODS UNLEASHED THEIR WRATH)
oh hum… Looks like I’ll have to visit the real world for a spell…

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have a friend that only just got into it last night,warned her about him& then she went& matched with him half hour later🤦🏻‍♀️ oh well helped her un-match again so its all good. was not about to let her waste her time on him.

Oops… sorry me and my big mouth🤭 plz don’t let my mad ranting sway you or your friend or anyone elses decision from experiencing a Lovelink with the puppy snuggler … i’m not saying his Lovelink story wasnt fun… (cough) it’s just a little annoying the way it was left hanging …

thats ok,already made our own choices about him. the friend likes dogs but the last thing she needs is to be left hanging by the guy when theres a lot of others that would be nicer& more fun.

Seriously Lovelink you flagged me for an inappropriate use of a word🤣 … smh. While I understand the discussions forum needs to be kept age appropriate I have to say…
Have you stopped to read your own stories, their content is full of se*ual innuendos, pictures depicting nudity and F-bombs!!
Thanks for making me laugh!!