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Another one bites the dust

No one cares but I am banning myself from the game lol. Been around since the launch and I just can’t stand Apatosaurus being so OP that Lydia refuses to address. Love Sand Dunes and that’s that.


Been following your apato comments for a long long time i hope they will not stop,

Your showing people what they need to see…

Dont give up the fight!


Thank you, I just feel so defeated that Lydia refuses to nerf the highest HP in the game, especially for a common. I feel like this is on the same level as fighting for human rights. Except im weak and give up


I know right!
And with a hp boost,

Makes lord lythronax look like a puppy!

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If you ever decide to come back, you know where to find us :kissing:

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they did not nerf Apato however Geminititan has more hp according to metahub :stuck_out_tongue:

No wrong. Just look how one sided this is

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I can see the fear in those little Apato eyes :smiley:

When I read the title I thought of the end of Infinity War.

that apato is done for lol

All players can choose Apotosaurus. Fools that don’t only have themselves to blame.