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Another passive ability idea

I know that there’s been a flood of new passives with the release of 1.9, but I think something along these lines could introduce some more “strategy to the rattegy”, especially now that the ceRATopsians have joined the swap-in ability club.

Now, one of the first ideas to hit the forums when it came to countering rattegy was a form of “revenge” move against swap-in abilities (someone came up with a Titanoboa design and moveset based around this concept, but I’m not sure who it was).

The difference here is that the ability would trigger whenever the opponent swaps in, the opposite of a swap-in ability.
And yes, it would trigger irrespective of whether or not the opponent has a swap-in ability, taking priority.
And if you intercepted a swap-in ability with it, it would still trigger first.
Moreover, if you swapped-in on a dino performing a normal attack, it would not trigger at all.
And like swap-in abilities, if two such dinos swapped in on each other, the faster one would go first.

This category of passives could be called “Reflexive abilities”.

They could actually add some much-needed relevance to certain unused dinos without just dumping a swap-in ability on everything.
We could have Reflexive Invincibility, Reflexive Debilitation, Reflexive Stun, etc.
This would mean your opponents would have to think twice before using hit-and-run moves, and overall the ability would act as a sort of “tactical pin”. The opponent can swap, but at what cost? Can’t pin that pesky Dracoceratops? With the right reflexive ability, you don’t have to. We could even have a “Reflexive Run”(an ability that automatically swaps your dino out has also been suggested before, and I’ve had it mind for quite a while). This could also eliminate the need to predict swap-in abilities.

Any dinos you think could benefit from such an ability? Perhaps those low-health ones that keep getting ratted? Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


Sounds complicated. Hope I understand;
If you would swap to a dino with reflexive invincibility and the opponent switches at the same time to a rat, you would gain invincibility first? And if it doesn’t switch to a rat, nothing will happen because it only fires upon a swap move?
I kinda like the idea, it could add a bit of extra complexity to the game but maybe that’s a good thing.

That’s right.

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But in that way isnt just a nerfed version of swap in invincibility? Only triggering under specific circumstances rather than just triggering upon the swap?

I guess also when the Dino is already in the field.

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But if it was a swap in that has priority ability that only triggers if the opponent also swaps in. It makes the dinosaur invincible mitigating 100% damage and also 100% stuns the swapped in dinosaur that uses a damaging attack…

What about a reflective swap in ability that mitigates any attack and causes the attack or affect of the attack to hit the attacker. So if somebody swaps in a Rat and their opponent swaps in a dinosaur with this “reflective” ability, the opponent takes no damage and the Rat gets hit with its own attack. Or somebody swaps in a stunner the stun bounces back on them (if they can be stunned). What if the opponent swaps in with the 100% shield? The shield goes to to “reflexive” dinosaur and the opponent does not gain their shield. At least I think it may not be exact but is something along the lines the OP is thinking.

I see where you’re going with this but please explain the logic or physics of it? Shield it simply a representation of the animal taking a defensive stance and swap in damage is obviously it hitting you “by surprise” as it enters play. So what causes a creature to put its opponent into a defensive position or what would make DC bite itself? I’m not saying it’s a bad idea but it couldn’t “reflect” in that way. Perhaps it could trigger an stun upon swap in as a passive ability thus allowing you to swap it in as a surprise and having it in play let’s your opponent know hes taking a risk swapping. That way its slightly different than a swap in stun and has it’s own strategic element

I don’t think a passive ability that counters all swap-in abilities would be balanced.
Instead of “reflecting damage”, you could have a “reflexive rampage” ability, where the user deals 2x damage to any dino that swaps in, in its presence.

I think some swap-in abilities should remain effective against certain reflexive abilities, otherwise that would defeat the purpose of making swaps more strategic.

I like it; would counter someone whose Rat has 5 HP left and it waiting to swap in one more time. Or even a passive that just prevents your opponent’s swap-in ability from triggering. Less terrible than a “reflexive rampage” (which is probably too much) but still would help mitigate the element of surprise.

Yeah, reflexive rampage might be too much, but it would still be waay less broken than swap-in rampage.
Something like reflexive stun, with 100% stun chance could have the effect you described.

Or even just make an “immune to swap in effects” since they’re into adding all sorts of new immunities.

Definitely an interesting idea.

Guess what got implemented? And on Titanoboa too.
Anyone who thinks our suggestions are immaterial might want to reconsider. Just a little.

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Although technically On Escape abilities trigger when the opponent swaps out instead of in, so the damaging ones affect the swapper instead of the swappee.