Another Pay to get Emote

Another emote that must be bought with real cash, but this time the brachiosaurus. Why ludia, why
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can’t justify 25 for this. i can maybe get 10 but this is too steep for me.

Ok, people keep telling Ludia to monetize in different ways but when they do you complain. Do people NEED a new emoji, nope, so let it go. People who want to spend should and people who dont shouldn’t but you cant keep asking for everything to be free especially if it has 0 effect of actual game play


People: “Why can’t Ludia just monetize cosmetics!”

Ludia: makes cosmetic emotes that you can buy

People: “Wait no not like that!”


Well im fine if Ludia doing this to get money, it is better than selling boost everyday. At least they will give us (F2P) another free emote in Christmas. It is their right to get money

i’d buy individual emotes in a heartbeat. as part of a bundle that isn’t that great to begin with, i’m not really up for it. Ludia can sell the emotes how they want, and i’ve accepted that i may not get all of them because i can’t justify a $25 purchase that i wouldn’t buy in the first place with “hey, this has an emote in it now”


I did say on the short range post that ludia would try to sell us a new emoji pretty soon to cheer us up about the short range limits …:rofl:

I was correct .

Well ,this is probably the most exiting thing i have see since 2.3 is out.

I thought that the remote update was not wanted and not needed

Would much rather this be for sale then say boosts. Ludia needs to make money this is way better as it’s up to you if you want to buy it. Too much just ignore it.