Another person with missing dinos and an empty sanctuary

I put them in there the other day and now the sanctuary is empty yet my dinosaurs are still in there.
I hit the green button and nothing happens, not even a pop up message.

I have used this sanctuary before without issue. I am also the only one using it.

That’s strange… Meanwhile, I have claimed a sanctuary and placed dinos in it, but it just doesn’t show that it’s active outwardly. Once I enter, the dinos all appear.

neither of these scenarios sounds good :frowning:

I reported this the other day because mine reset to 1 twice in a 3 day period, 9 days before actual reset, and one of the mods said they were aware of it.

Hey RaptorQueen, I’m sorry that happened with your Sanctuary. Your creatures should return to you once the timer resets. Please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key, and those screenshots as well. It would really help our team’s investigation.


@Ned Yeah, it was odd. It just happened again with another sanctuary, Same exact scenario.
One difference was the first time it happened, it took a bit before it would give the dinosaurs back even though they were done. Luckily the 2nd time they were already back when I logged in. It stinks to miss out on the stuff but hopefully it’ll get fixed soon…

Will do! I’ll send them a copy of everything too!


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No, it’s not. It stinks to be cut off from both access to dinos/bonuses and not be able to add more. Hoping it gets fixed soon!

So weird. Hopefully all these random errors get fixed, so everyone can go back to enjoying the game.

What happens when you touch the enter button on your Irritator Gen 2 screen?
Is the sanctuary still empty?

Nothing happens when I click enter. No message, nothing, it goes nowhere. It’s like they disappeared…

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I got this too on a new account I set up for fun to experience the early stages of the game again. The sanctuary showed as no longer active, no dinos in it. When I went to the dino list and tapped on my dino, then tapped on Enter it did nothing.

And no i’m not sending a damn message and support key to the devs, what’s the point in wasting time, getting an automated messaage saying we are experiencing high levels of support requests (well shock horror, of course you are because your game is bug infested).

The devs need to create their own brand new accounts, play the damn game and experience these problems for themselves instead of relying on players to submit tickets.

This same exact bug is also happening to me. It happens every single day. I will add my 4 dinos to a sanctuary, I can feed, interact, and play with them just fine. Then, the next time I want to go to that santuary, it is empty even though my dinos are in it. I can’t add new dino’s either because it says I have the max 4 placed.

Also, sometimes the sanctuary will just completely disappear from my map. PLEASE FIX THIS.

Not being able to use the sanctuary means I cannot complete my dailies which means I’m not getting the DNA I should be getting. We should be compensated for this bug.

Another one here. This is unacceptable.