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Another post complaining about arenas


Here’s the real deal, is comforting to see that we’re not the only ones being screwed by the arenas, so all of you detractors, please just move along.
I was one battle away from getting into Jurrasic Ruins, and I’m now one battle away from falling into Lockwood. One might say that my strategy is flawed, except that my alliance has complimented my strategy a few times. Everytime it seems I’m getting somewhere, I get a bad run of RNG. It’s not just the movesets either. I’ll have five bad runs, get one good, and then get demolished by somebody who thinks it’s appropriate to bring out an Indoraptor against somebody at 3100 trophies. Arena droppers have robbed me of too many wins to count, and since I’m angry and stubborn, hours and happiness of my life.
Then I start getting a good run of RNG, win two battles, and the next battle gives me a glitch in loading, allowing for my opponent to score a kill while I’m forced to reboot the game. This has happened more times than I care to count too.
I’m starting to wonder if Ludia’s algorithms actually tip RNG in favor of anybody who had made more purchases in the game. In this sense, it makes me glad for not lining their pockets with purchases and I have stopped viewing their ads to speed-up incubators. I’m not asking to win all the time. There would be no fun in that. I’m just asking not to have every battle stacked against me before I even start. If it weren’t for the sake of the weekly missions for my alliance, I’d swear of battles for the foreseeable future. Now I have to sacrifice my happiness for the sake of my alliance. Please fix this for once Ludia.

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I sympathised with all of what you said until the last paragraph where you put your tinfoil hat on. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m not suggesting that this is definitely the case, I’m just wondering if there is any merit to that line of thinking. I’m upset, and I’m trying to figure out why my run of battles had been as doomed as it has. The only other explanation is that one of these other dinosaurs is OP and I don’t have it. That’s possible to as Dracorex and Utahraptor disappeared for me just as they were getting useful.


I’d like to throw in my frustration as well. I’m currently at 2120 trophies but I was up to 2340 and then suffered an 8 battle losing streak. During those 8 I battled three Indominous Rex (level 17 and 20) and other dinos I can’t even name as I don’t even have their icons. I’ve seen more dinos that are 5 levels above my highest Dino level that it infuriates me to battle. When I had 2340 I dropped to 1980 before I started to win again. All the while trying to level up dinos and use the best dinos / combination I could.

Out of frustration I removed all epics from my team and the highest level Dino I had was a level 10 raptor. The battles immediately changed and I started to win a few. Oddly, my opponents all had similar level dinos although similar trophy counts. So I switched my team back to my epic lineup and opponents have been more even since the change and more fun.

Something with the algorithm is definitely wonky. It drives me crazy though to go into a battle and my opponent pulls out a level 20 indo Rex while I have a level 12 Blue.


This past week, I’ve seen nothing but bots, teams over 20 and opponents who get that crit at just the right time. I have dropped over 400 trophies and I am livid. It’s not that I’m losing, its that I’ve leveled up my team an average of four levels over the past four months and am sitting at the same damned trophy count since then. I feel like the goal posts keep moving.
Also these frustrations wouldn’t be so bad except that arena incubators lock valuable dinosaurs behind your level. I can’t get the ingredients to make my trystronix until I have one. Also, I want a Pachycephalosaurs, but that one is locked up in Lockwood. I don’t care about top 500, I don’t care about going max level on every Unique. I’m just trying to collect dinosaurs and you’re making it too hard to accomplish basic stuff. I’m tired of your fancy game of Rock, Paper Scissors.