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Another question I want to ask

Why is the stats of Rhinoprotodn still glitched? I was expecting them to be fixed because of the Server Mainteanance and my game also crashes.


Your game crashing is kinda normal and I have the same question maybe you know it is a bit hard for the team to fix it

We were told nor to expect new stats until update 57. And that will release exactly when it released


Hi there ProcoptodonTehJumpy. For any crashing issues, you can email our team at with your support key in order to investigate.

As for the Rhinoptrodon stats, the changes are still currently planned to be applied in-game for update 57. Your patience is appreciated!


I am used to the game crashing as to be honest, most of the current mobile games suffer from bugs.

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I understand your point, but crashing for absolutely no reason is just unacceptable. This issue has been plaguing this game for so long yet no fixes are happening. This game crashes for literally no reason. Why does collecting some decorations and collecting items from menus crash the game ?! Guess we’ll never know.