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Another reason I hate tournaments


Last tournament just ended. Didn’t place top 500. Tourney is over and I casually start to battle again and keep winning and winning. This is my rank now. Really gives you false hope


Personal soundtrack during the tournament:

Personal soundtrack after the tournament:


yup its harder and a true test of your skill and team but you did get that extra cash and 500 erlik dna. ill take the test anyday.


Yeah that’s for sure the bonus but the stress and battling 5 times just to get an incubator is annoying.


it was. the only thing that kept me positive was that i knew id win eventually. ups and downs. definately more enhanced in the tourney. it wont get any better especially since the opponent teams are leveling up aswell but there will be a point where you will easily place. just be patient and try to make it fun.


also. lets try not to say the tournament word… Ludia might get triggered and start a new season lol. meh. idc

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