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Another reset?

Dear ludia,
1 are we getting another boost reset into use next update?
2 if not please consider giving us another boost reset now that people are more familiar with 2.0 and will be better able to distribute their boosts


No way… I wouldn’t expect another one for a year or so.


Could just remove them entirely


plan on one not happening again. They did tell us to take boosting slow this update.
I took that to mean that they will be doing more balance changes in coming updates.
I haven’t boosted any of my arena team and have only boosted 1 creature for raids.


If people are honestly still just immediately dumping boosts into dinos after reset without testing things, it’s kind of on them, at this point. First day of 2.0 and I saw so many overboosted dinos, and they were almost all in the past meta’s best creatures.

Ludia has no incentive to reset every update, and I certainly don’t think that they should.


Highly doubt that due to the amount of people that rely on them and the fact that the money they get from them could probably fill a pig size piggy bank

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Booster’s fault for diving right back in without testing the waters first.


I still have at least 1500 boosts for each type after distributing a few more today. Just took out my 29 erlidom for my 26 tenonto and it’s a beauty.

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They did…and guess what…

so ya they don’t deserve it.



Yep, I’d be glad to face people who wasted boosts on the now terrible creatures!
Would give me a nice break from 2k dmg Maxes.

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People clearly had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with 2.0 by NOT applying boosts. If they applied boosts and regret it then that’s their own fault.

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I am still unboosted…

I’m pretty sure they just wanted us to spend boosts smartly, unlike ones who overboosted Thor, Indo G2 or Prorat again. Holding boosts for 2.1 is not what Ludia would want us to do, no profit from it.

Instead of making another reset, there’s a much better solution.

Make boost refund 100%

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That’s not a better solution. Since when did taking responsibility for your own choice stop meaning anything.

In regards to Ludia, yes they probably did mean they wanted people to spend boosts smartly, but they probably said it because they know they won’t be resetting them again.

I agree with this.

Ludia is a business.

They’ve done something that was a courtesy to their fan base. Courtesies are NOT requirements. Some people get the two confused unfortunately. It happens all the time in customer service. (I was an EMT for about 10 years, you wouldn’t believe how often mis-conceptions kicked in.)


Customer -“But you’re supposed to do A B C”

Rep -“No sir/ma’am, our policy is actually this, we were just trying to be helpful”

Anyway, as was pointed out: they also DID, tell us to be smart with our boosts. In our alliance, the majority of us waited a month in before boosting. I STILL have a good amount left over.

Yet, not even 5 minutes into 2.0, over boosted indos, erlidoms, etc flooded the scene… and guess what happened? I slowed and shielded them all into submission.“Purdy” boosts and all.

(Evil laugh)
Mwa ha ha ha haaaaa! (Twists corner of mustache)

Basically in a nutshell, I’m in the “not for another reset no time soon” camp. We were all warned MONTHS beforehand as to the implications and precautions plus have the ability to strategize reasonably.