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Another Scaphotator Mistake?

In the patch notes, it says Scaphotator has distraction, however, it has nullifying strike in the game. Is this another mistake or was this its true move set?

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there was also a number error on alloraptor (which has been fixed) 126 rather than 127 speed. so it is possible that they messed up some release notes.

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It’s creature has looots of screwups.

The portrait was legendary in release notes, but they Called it epic. It is an epic!
They messed up Distraction for nullifying Strike.

Its not that bad actuallly its bettter then distaction in some cases


Yea your definelty right, more versatility.

I guess I didn’t look at it that way. The nullification will be nice with all of the dodge and evasive creatures.

At level 26 this litlle potato will have
Wich isnt great but isnt that bad😅 one thing it should have was 128 speed

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