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Another speedtie tourney! Yay!

Can’t escape in a Rixis vs Rixis! Can’t escape in a snake vs snake! Only Andrew is missing in this amazingly fun party! And of course, if you have the matchup advantage against those, they can simply hit you once and swap out to stupid Rhino while you can’t! Strategy at its finest!

Not to mention that nowadays I have to reset everytime lags start, so my chances of winning one don’t go from 2% to 0… Awesome =D


Yup. That’s why I did my 10 and walked away from it.

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And that’s why I went from competing on top50 most tourneys from just stopping at top250 now… Have better things to do with my time… Might even take a few more steps back…

I dont wanna because I love snakes :snake:
Jokes aside, yeah its kinda bad there is no variety everyone is using the same thing.


many people start rixis, I have rixis and indom in my team. Gotta pick either 95% chance of losing speedties by playing rixis or play indom and risk getting swapped

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That sums up the Epic tourneys in the past 2 years… Fortunately Rixis is getting a nerf apparently, at last

as if top 250 isnt my goal every week and only achieved once ever because of my busy life and flipping speedties… :joy: :cry: :expressionless:

yup,it solve 10% of the problem.
Speedstie and lack of variety represent 90% of the rest.

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sometimes i just want them to both attack at the same time, at least thats more fair

the new jwa meta, no escape and on escape rampage

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it stops swaps into dracoceras, monolorhino, ceramagnus and woolly rhino

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Which is a result of the swap in damage meta… But instead of fixing that, it only made it worse

yes because you are forced to stick with the creature. Grypolyth, has a lot of greatness in this update. Sarco and Titanoboa as well

Dozens and dozens of creatures to choose from and




mainly because balance for ludia is some extremely easy dinos to get that are good and hard to get dinos that are bad? Like testa and spinocon

It’s the same thing that I’ve tried to say before, only a total of 20 creatures are useful for tournaments and PvP, but it seems that Ludia is not interested in the variety of creatures in the teams, since in both fields there are always the same creatures by the The only purpose is that they are good, the rest of the creatures that exist in the game are garbage, and the creators of the game will never strive to make more good creatures, but they continue to deteriorate creatures that are good so that there are less and less to use In a team of 8, update after update instead of improving other creatures make good ones worse.