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Another spinoff, my dudes!

Im deciding to do another spin-off, but must first introduce the characters.

The greatest of all is, yikes this is harder than i thought


Suchotator Was dragged into war, Then kicked out, but his heart was still as warm as a home in christmas. He takes any opportunity to save people, even the people he doesnt know. He is the main character, making him the greatest and first.

Second is no other than Procerathomimus.

Although the original spin-off procerathomimus was an evil character, This procerathomimus is anything but a synonym to evil. She’s used a lot for speed, And was The great pal of suchotator.

Third isssssssssss… Dilophoboa!
The Ssssssspinoconsssstrictor may have been evil, But This Sssssssnek Is a very great Guard. He’sssss the leader of guardsssssss, a trainer, And an experienced Veteran who was a captain in war. He couragessss the team to fight on and never fear!

Procerathomimus’s loving sibling, He took care of procerathomimus while his dad, (The monomimus from the original spin-off, the coward.) fought hardly in war. He even told himself to give his sister some hot pockets, and he didnt eat one. Unbelievable!


Postimetrodon was a young maniac, constantly looking for challenges. But in the end, he’s Almost entirely made up of one huge heart, And is there to help people. He can turn into a rowdy teen, and then suddenly says “oh no! Are you ok?”. He was tought by suchotator and earned great manners.

Gorgosuchus: Postimetrodon’s best friend. He oftenly pranks with Postimetrodon, but if it gets too far he tells posti to stop.

Rajakylosaur: Rajakylosaur may be too harsh, But he’s Only doing that to teach you. Rajakylosaur Has scars from different several wars, but still is very healthy and great. He’s the team’s official chomper.


Ankyntrosaurus, the official team shield. He’s willing to sacrifice for Any person as long as they are good or have done nothing.

And now, for the baddies.

1st: the most bitter, cruel, and heartless of them all: Mononyx

Mononyx is a hybrid of Monolophosaurus and Baryonyx. He killed his family “for food”, but he literally had multiple fridges full of food. His family did nothing to him as well. He has been known for destroying many valuable things. And once, when he became mayor, he did an event where if he sees you having a fun time with your family, he gets to take away one member. Just Heartless!

Second of them all: Tyrranolophosaur.

Tyrannolophosaur, a Cousin to mononyx (by history, because monolophosaurus was a tyrannosaurid). He robbed stores for no reason, kidnapped kids and hurt them infront of their parents, then told people that their family doesnt care about them.

Third of all is: Poukandactylus.

This not so beatiful bird was a great criminal. In war, he’d fly accross his enemies, and start attacking the city in secret. Plus, he helped mononyx defeat countless amounts of birds.

Edaphocevia: This creep usually would spot two enemies fighting, and then he suddenly chomps the good team, and keeps biting, like a leech drinking blood. This thing stalks dinos in the dark, and would do anything for mononyx.

Trystronyx: Trystronyx was the helper of tyrannolophasaur… He spooked children for no absolute reason, sold expired candy to them, And would attack any Injured creature as long as they are not in the hospital.

Grylenken: Grylenken Snatched people coming by The water, and was mostly toxic to people. He snags food from kids (as long as it’s not from trystronyx’s expired candy) And eats it in front of them. He tells the kids “You dont deserve anything. Mononyx haters deserve pain.” Then proceeds to beat them up.


Erlikogamma was very rude and when he grew up, he’d go ramapging into the city swiping his claws at anything they sense. Sometimes he even destroyes homes.

Last of them all is: the compies

The compies arent really that bad, they devour corpses, or weakened dinos, that means they can devour villians as well.

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Wow that was long.

Do you guys think i should start this today?

Pretty graphic, but I do graphic stuff way worse than that.

Pretty good :+1:

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Ill try to start chapter one today

Mate that didn’t offend me, it actually makes me feel good that people think they are menacing and horrible, that’s why I made them.

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Oh good!
Glad it doesnt offend you, but i Removed it just in case.

(I have suspendaphobia)

It good, anyways keep up the great work

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This will be used for an alert for new chapters. Chapter one is out.

Chapter two is out

Suchotator marched Across the field, Waiting for his eyes to lock on to some food stand.

Suchotator Sees a Fish sandwich stand, Where procerathomimus sells.

Suchotator: Heya! Can i get a single medium sandwich?

Procerathomimus: sure thing dude! That’ll be-

A loud Shriek is herd


Suchotator: Wh-who’s Mononyx?

Procerathomimus: possibily the most evil man, after The dracoceratops that The original spin-off made.

Suchotator: dont remind me that spin-off, i died there.

Procerathomimus: and i was an evil goth teen- ugh.

Suchotator: Let’s Stop breaking the fourth wall- and deal with this!


Ardentismaxima: Steps out of crowd Here. Here is the “unworthy mayor”. And what makes YOU worthy?

Mononyx: if your king, Then you should spend your power, instead of making useless speeches!

Ardentismaxima: No. if you were a king, then you’d have great respect.

Mononyx: smh bruh he’s making speeches again…

Mononyx: sees suchotator YOU THERE! If the Mayor tought this city to be strong and fight back, then lets see what you can do…

Procerathomimus: No! Leave that dude Alone!

Mononyx: I can destroy you both…

Procerathomimus: Ya bet it!

Suchotator: so he’s the evil dude? He looks like an @Average_Spinosaurid.

Monyonyx: oh you’ll see…

Procerathomimus: jumps on top of Mononyx and chomps and claws

Suchotator:grabs mononux from the head and thros him

mononyx gets up

Procerathomimus: throws a golden sphere at Suchotator

Suchotator: “Hey! Whats this?”

the ball explodes, giving sucho a speed boost.
Sucho: Woahhhhhh!

Procerath: DODGE! suchotator dodges, but still gets a bit damage

Mononyx: Bites suchotat, this time quicker.

Suchotat falls

Procerathomimus: does rampage and run

Mononyx: “they did well, but dont match my power.”

ProC: You did good, dude.

Sucho: its the best i can do…

Pro: hey i never got your name…

Suchotator: The name’s sucho. Suchotator.

suchotator decides to not break the fourth wall

Suchotator: ok ok i wont break the fourth wall this time… my name is suchotator. They call me sucho for short. And you?

Pro: Procerathomimus. Also known as procera, or pro.

Tyrannolophosaur: Hah! Those rowdy city bois did nothing…

Mononyx: no my friend, they did SOMETHING. Something is starting…

To be continued

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To understand, you need to read the past chapters, and read the Thread Titled “Another spin-off, My dudes!”

Sucho: “well… Uhhh… what’s the price of that sandwich?”

Procera: “oh ill Give it to you for free. When helped, help back.”

Sucho: “oh wow! You sure?”

Procera: “Yep.”

Sucho: “Thank you!”

Procera:”No prob.”

Monomimus: “Hey, Lil bro! I’ll be the One who takes care of the stand!”

Sucho: “and who’s that?”

Procera: “That’s Mono. He’s Monomimus, my big bro… I think you should read the good and bad thread, dude.”

Sucho: “you just reminded me, i gotta break the fourth wall.”

Procera: “you just did…”

Sucho: “huh? Uhhh- okeh?”

Procera: gets up and Shakes dust off “well see you later, alligator.”

Sucho: “does kinda make sense since the people call spinosaurids Alligators… see ya later, Christmas chicken.”
a few days later

Sucho: opens door “let’s check the mail”-

Letter from ardentismaxima: “written with the honor of the mayor, You are requested to be a warrior and fight back against mononyx.”

Sucho: “wait wha- i cant tho-“

Ardentismaxima: “Bruh just agree already”

Sucho: “uhhhh- Yes, Your royalty!”

Sucho: sings his name, and approves

The letter Was sent To the king, ardent.
Ardentismaxima: “great! They all approved!”

Dilophoboa: “oh boy… this is gonna be a doozy.”

Gorgosuchus, postimetrodon, rajakylosaur, Ankyntrosaurus, Mono,procera, And sucho appear at the camp

Dilophoboa: Alright, everyone, say your nicknamessssssss!

Rajakylosaur: “jakyl!”
Ankyntrosaurus: “Kyntro!”
Monomimus: “Mono!”
Procerathomimus: “procera!”

Postimetrodon: “Posti!”

Gorgosuchus:” gorgo!”

Dilophoboa:” get to know each othersssssss… A good war consssissstsss of good friendsssssss.”

everyone shocked


Procera:” We cant-“

Mono: “its about time to experience The scars that i’ve faced…”

Procera: “i’ve already faced them, big bro.”

All of them Hed to a campsite with an rv

Jakyl: “ill go cook-“

Sucho:”hope you do good food, dude.”

Sucho: “so your the only herbivore, dude?”

Kyntro:” Yes, and im a girl as well.”

Posti: “what a way to be lonely.”

Gorgo: punches posti’s arm “quit it, dude!”

Procera:”well ill go check on jakyl.”

Jakyl Is literally seen dumping a bucketful of curry On Rice


Jakyl:”what? Im indian, dude!”

Procera: “i think id like to take your place…”

Procera: “ now something to fuel everyones hunger…”

Procera: “Aha! Rice, fish, salad, Meat, Berries!”

Procera is seen cartoonishly cooking everything at once

The gang Continues to joke around and eat
Mononyx:”Tyrannolophosaur, gather them…”

Mononyx: “get everyone ready!”

a load of creatures appear

erlikogamma, Grylenken, Poukandactylus, tyrannolophosaur, Edaphocevia, and trystronyx appear

loads of compies appear to devour anything that falls on the ground

the good bois load their army as well, but they leave sucho, procera, Kyntro, and rajy in the front.

Dilophoboa: “good! We have a chomper, a sssssshielder, a sssspeeder, and a high healther!”

Procera:” But what about Mono! He can increase speed too!”

Dilophoboa:” mono will be used for speed emergencies…”

Jakyl:”Show em who’s the real turkey, procera.”

Procera: “you bet!”

The crocs are also used for Emergencies.

You hear a t rex roar
Dilophoboa: “bring it on, giant turkey”

Dilo.rex: “this “giant turkey” is your nightmare.”

Dilophoboa: “oh ssssssure!”

The two Teams Run to eatch other (JOJO Vs DIO style)

To be continued

Chapter four is here! (Wow im gonna finish this in no diddly doo time)

The Dinos clash

Dilophoboa: bites dilo.rex

Dilo.rex:Grabs Dilophoboa And yeets him

Dilophoboa: spits venom take that!

Dilo.Rex: Grrrrrrr! I will Do a too graphic attack!

Dilophoboa: oh wow villians break the fourth wall too?

Meanwhile at Mononyx’s fort:

All Titans fall before my feet, and if they fight back, they bleed

I’m The devil Himself,

No matter what, to me, you look like an elf!

Take a look at the skulls on my shelf!

Scared now?

I got the power!

To defeat you it’ll take me less than an hour!





Ok i better stop singing…

Mononyx: Were gonna win… unless… It happens…

Meanwhile, Back At The battle zone

You look at the mountains, Then you see blue sound waves, And then a laser beam shoot into the sky

Erlikogamma: “NO WAY! WERE DOOMED!”

Suchotator surprise Attacks erlikogamma and ends him

Sucho:”whats all that commision for?”

a portal appears on the mountain, then a portal appears on the battlefield

Mortem Rex and Hadros Lux come Out

Suchotator: “No… no way!”

Mortem rex:”STOP!”

Everyone stops, terrified of mortem

Mortem rex: “Have any of you, Seen ceramagnus?”

No one says yes

Hadros: “and what’s all this war For?”

Suchotator: T-This i-i-is Th-the wa-war F-for T-the C-ity

Mortem and hadros: “very well, continue.”

they go back into the portal and it closes

The battle continues

Ardentis:Causes smoke clouds

Pterovexus: (The Mayor/kings assistant) Flys into Smoke cloud and slashes at The countless dinos

Meanwhile, dilophoboa has constricted tyrannolophosaur, but very damaged.

Procera: “Were being defeated! Get full asisst!”

Postimet, Gorgo, And mono Appear

Postimetrodon: increases crit chance

Gorgosuchus: increases shield

Monomimus:Increases Speed

Gorgosuchus: “Let’s do this… 90’s style.”

Gorgosuchus and Postimetrodon: Attacks in slow motion with epic music

Monomimus slashes with his foot claws defeating many of the Enemies, Including Defeating grylenken

Grylenken: Grahhhh!

Grylenken gets up but has bleed

Monomimus: Rams Into Grylenken

Grylenken: Stomps on Monomimus “Try me… fool.”

Monomimus: “lets see who’s the fool…”

Monomimus goes mega speed mode, Slashing At Grylenken like a rapid katana

At last grylenken falls, and perishes to the bleed.

Dilophoboa: “Mono- Monomimus…”

Monomimus: Sees diliophoboa

Dilophoboa: “Monomimus… I want you to Tell everyone of them to focuse on mononyx…my soul is grasping for freedom… Please deliver this message to tenontorex, if you want them to train you…” Dies

Mono: “Oh no… the poor Snek… He fought so much, And he trained so much without any credit… May heaven welcome you, Sir.”

A bunch of other creatures Appear

Tyrannolophosaur lived

Tyrannolophosaur, Trystronyx, Edaphocevia ran… and Poukandactylus, except he wanted to snatch some dinos while escaping.

The enemy team was sorrouned by all sides and was soon entirely defeated.

One dino was left, but he fell on the ground And got defeated by The Compies.

The crew set out to find mortem and hadros to understand what happened to the other apexes.

Mortem welcomes them into an ancient cave, that includes not so old metal on it.

Mortem rex: “You see, we had an acient war. One was Ended, And ceramagnus was Lost.

Kyntro: “Who was ended?”

Mortem rex: “it was so long ago that i forgot their name… oh thats it!.. gorgotrebax.”

We’ll set out to find them… (everyone said).

Monomimus: “i Will tag in later…”

Procera:” Why?”

Monomimus: “Dilophoboa… wants me to Find Tenontorex.”

Da end

Really good mate

My war story is a 500% more graphic, but It deals with serious topics even people on this forum would start crying about. Overall, I give it a 9/10, keep up the great work pal

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Huh, can i see yours?

It’s gonna take years to finish, and if I post it on hear I’m gonna be banned for like, 200 years

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Oh ok

My probably most graphic was when i did a battle with ceramagnus and hadros, Go search it up if u want

Aight, anyways good job

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Here’s chapter 5!

The bois set out to find the apexes, Except monomimus. Monomimus is Trying to find Tenontorex.

Monomimus: “ill leave before you guys. Maybe tenontorex Can train us before Any battles?”

Suchotator: “Wait, Tenontorex is a trainer?”

Monomimus: “i guess so.”

Mono: equips backpack Welp i gotta go, cya soon.

Mono:reads paper “Tenontorex is in a Home Behind The RIP dilorachirous Statue. You have to cut throw the vines and squeze between the spaces.”

Mono:”oh boi.”

Mono soon finds the statue

Mono Slices through vines and is seen fit through a small cave

And finally im here! Mono’s words echoed.

Mono knocks on the door

Mono:” Anyone there?!”

Voice: “No. tenonto is dead and im his brother. Now leave!”

Mono: “Dilo.Boa sent me here!”

Tenontorex: “Dilo.boa! He’s back?! I haven’t seen him in years! I gotta go visit him!”

Monomimus: “Im sorry sir, But He failed In war… recently.”

Tenonto:”No way… My dear old best friend… And who did this to him?”

Monomimus: “Tyrannolophosaur…”

Tenontorex: “Grrrr… he went from a normal bully to a cruel Villian!”

Tenontprex opens the door.

Tenonto: “ok, what do you want?”

Monomimus: “we need you to train us!”