Another strange selling price?

The other superare superhybrids all sell for around 30,000 dna, even most rare superhybrids sell for 30,000 (sometimes even more despite costing less s-dna). It’s not like giganocephalus is a cheap superare hybrid, (in fact it’s on the expensive side, costing 8,490 dna) so why does gigakylocephalus sell for so little?

Just speculating… but both of its base hybrid components are bought with Amber. That might have something to do with it? Or it could just be completely random no idea :man_shrugging:

My theory was because since she came after Dimetrocarnus (the best shybrid in terms of CD, cost, DNA selling point) Ludia wanted to release her nerfed.

  • she has a 7 day hatch time
  • she only has 500 more HP than Monostego at L40
  • she has a longer CD compared to Monostego
  • Monostego also had a bad DNA sell price.

So all of those reasons alone, are why Giganky isn’t worth it, and I think the DNA sell price is intentional.

Edit: to put it in perspective, here’s the rankings on what shybrids have the best SDNA to DNA ratios:

Dimetrocarnus: 1:37 SDNA to DNA ratio
Spinot: 1:32
Diplo: 1:30
Tapejalo: 1:24
Indo: 1:20
Monostego: 1:13
Pele: 1:5
Giganky: 1:5

Dime, Spine, and Diplo are all good returns on DNA, whereas things start getting worse with Tapejalo because she costs the same as Spinot but sells for less DNA.

Giganky is just as bad as Mono and Pele.


I said that and a couple other Bad things about gigakylo ( no packs with S-DNA, half attack points than Monostego at LvL 10, half selling price than Monostego, etc) many didn’t like My comments…


I mean thats just how the forums work, as not everything is seen nor liked all the time :woman_shrugging:

However I do appreciate the 2 points you added on :+1: