Another strike event!


So glad we get so many of these!


Anyone know the lvl of Brachio, is it 30?


A level 30 brachiosaurus, not too difficult, but got crap dna, 300 concavenator … :rofl:


30 :joy: 2.4k rampage


2.4k rampage! Well rip me!


Yes it is level 30 Brachio


These are my dinosaurs. Do I have a chance of winning with this team?


It’s always worth a go. Cleanse yourself to stop his bellow and just hope he doesn’t use rampage every other turn :joy:


Also, I JUST created the Brachiosaurus thanks to the other strike towers. So I’m pretty excited to use it in the future. :innocent:


Easy… did it with just a 23 stegodeus


Me too! 202020202020


Hope u guys are getting something useful …


Well RNG and not paying attention is what lost it for me.

Not paying attention = brought my Rex out first not realising Brachio is faster.
RNG = Brachio’s first move was rampage = 2.5k hit Rex dead before i get a chance to attack.

I did however manage to get Brachio down to 511 HP which is not bad out of 7.5k HP.

But i’m not spending 200 to try again when it all comes down to RNG.


Don’t want to state the obvious but… like you said if you paid attention you’d have done it! I’d say it’s easily worth 200 cash. But obviously your choice!


It’s not easily worth 200. If you have good dinos like Stegodeus it is easily worth it, but when you are intermediate a lot of the time it is pretty much dependant on RNG. RNG = not worth it.


Wasn’t too bad at all. Surprisingly killed the lvl 30 brach with just my lvl 20 spinotasuchus :joy:

Got 227 anky and 117 raja. Low key trying to tell me to fuse rajakylosaurus.


Haha, isn’t this the second time you got that exact combo??:joy:


Throw outa team of 4 with 2600+ hp and reasonable speed and this 1 should be a cakewalk. Slow it, hit it hard.


I tried it, and i was SO close. Basically I used Kentrodaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegoceratops. I has him down to 359 health ir something like that, and, if my Stegoceratops had gotten the stuns, I would’ve killed it with one more hit. But I didn’t get them. Lol