Another team suggestion post

I’m doing decent in PvP, 4927, but if there’s something else I could use better or something else I should work on leveling up/creating, I would love to hear some suggestions.

Get rid of spyx and testa and use boa, daryx and spinos instead
Also level up that Thor for apex raids
It’s not very good in PvP though
I wouldn’t recommend using it

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You could maybe replace spyx with compyC and testa with troodoboa but other then that it’s a great team

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I was wanting to throw troodaboa boa on there after hopefully leveling up from the event this weekend, but didn’t who to replace.

Daryx I was trying to wait until I get a few boost to put on it because it’s completely unboosted, but I’m gonna give it a shot.

Thanks for the advice you guys!

CompyC isn’t very good

However spinos is great

I wanted to get spinos up a lvl or 2 before swapping it into the team, mainly to get some more health. Got a boost or 2 on health and it’s still in the 3800s. I guess if I’m smart about the swap ins that shouldn’t hurt it too bad.


Your team is pretty good. Spyx should be replaced with something a bit more versitile/ useful in the meta. If your able to raid for apexes, hydraboa or bax could work.

This is my own for refference. Albertospinos is gonna be replaced with hydra this next raid.

Im at 5100ish trophies.


Spyx is gonna give you trouble as you climb… trust me :cold_sweat:

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It already is. Hahaha.

I’ve kept it on because up until just recently it was my highest level dino and the only counter I had to spinocon. Did me a lot of good back when I first got into the aviary, but now it pretty much dies after 1 round.

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I need to find with more people to raid with, trying to get my raid dinos up to level 28-30 before I start going for apex’s. My alliance is… Well let’s just say that most in there haven’t made it to where I am in the game yet.

Fair enough. But your paratops can be used hydraboa and Imperatorsuchus as is.

That’s good to know! Thanks!!

Well if you’re ever in need of a paratops add me!


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Dont get rid of testa leave it but I would say try for morty and other apexes and also if phurorex nerf bothers you put all the stats on albertospinos

Ideally move spix for a apex like bax or boa

Bax is actually not great now
Boa and Ref are just so much better

Sunday is Team :snake: day with Albertospinos :dragon: to fill the 8th slot since there are only 7 snakes.


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My team if anyone wanted to see ;w; . I’m sad to hear that spyx is falling off now

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