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Another Thawfest Arena bug

Hello, I would like to report another Thawfest arena bug.

I was attacked and defeated by an opponent named JuancitoVIP.
(I think that JuancitoVIP is innocent and has no effect on the bug)

I wanted to play a revenge battle against him.
When I click the “Start Battle” button the “The season has ended Error Code 358” error message appeared on screen

When I clicked the OK button the game collapsed and I had to restart it. When I logged back into the game, all my 8 remaining Thawfest Arena energy bolts were gone. The battle log showed that I attacked JuancitoVIP and lost the battle.

But I did not attack him, the battle did not start because of “The season has ended Error Code 358” error!
At this moment I also can not revenge or retry this battle against JuancitoVIP…

So due to this bug I lost my arena score, I lost cups, I lost my winning streak, I lost 8 arena energy bolts and I have to wait to recharge.

Since the last (1.14) game update the Thawfest Arena is full of bugs and is very hard to play.

I am very sad and frustrated from this situation.

Other have faced similar bug… Awful lol.

Only thing I’ve gotten in Arena us the eternal load (opponents take eternity to load). And it makes the game pretty unplayable when it’s at its peak.
If you can’t load an opponent…

But some of the opponents I’ve encountered are crazy low that I don’t know how so many of them appear on the search. When opponents do load that is.

And it’s not to say that opponents of my level don’t appear. They have started appearing. Just they were almost completely absent during Fallfest, and now it seems like a mixed search.

Im getting really annoyed with this bug now making me lose trophies and my streaks too :confused:

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@Featherwing yeah, the reroll takes about 5 minutes before the next opponent comes. I hope that this gets fixed for you. I have been grinding a lot in arena as of recently and I hope that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

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I can’t do much in the Arena with this thing so often. I tried doing it but oof, it needs a maintenance. I barely get some duties done

And with the Alpha duties forfeited for the maintenance it’s tougher anyway