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Another Tommus complaint

We all know what he can do with taunt and counter attack. He has his own regeneration. Not sure what pieces of gear that gives it to him but he also had a pushback and something that hits more than one character and basically acts like a ranged weapon. I am mad that he doesn’t get anything that allows him to dominate or any kind of mass group heal. It just doesn’t seem fair, he should have those as well


Not sure if this is a glitch or just another way they have overpowered Tommus. I fought him today with his flamethrower sword. I had counterattack on, and the character with counterattack got hit second by the fire. No counterattack

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Counter attack damage never triggers another counter attack, regardless if it’s AOE, chain or single target.

Owoooo… That Flame Sword In Nasty!!!

I don’t think he meant he thought a counter should trigger a counter… he was saying that tommus attacked and the second person that was hit by that attack should have countered but did not

Hopefully my sarcasm wasn’t too well hidden

Also keep in mind Computer BOTS in PvP have massively upgraded legendaries. I have been completely wiped by Saarvin and his attack everyone bow attack… mind you a full health lvl 12 party.

This happened to me as well. If Warlock or Ranger has counter, and are hiding behind my Tommus, when enemy Tommus with legendary (hit all push back) hits those two as well as my Tommus, only my Tommus counters. The other two don’t.

That should be fixed.

PS: I gave you a heart for the sarcasm @Mkb617 lol

You forgot that they really need to upgrade all his weapons to give a 75% chance of Extra Action. He just doesn’t get enough hits.


Oh! I see.

The game engine will only trigger a single counterattack per round, even if multiple characters have the counter attack ability active and have been damaged. This seems to be a deliberate, but undocumented decision.

In a similar vein, counter attack only triggers once in response to multiple hits (like from the Rogue’s weapons).

You can think of this is highly confused implementation of a reaction in Dungeons and Dragons. Instead of being restricted to a single reaction per round per character, it’s a single reaction per character action per team. So you end up with situations where a character may have 3 reactions before they take a normal action (looking at you Tommus) and only one counter attack character responds even though multiple characters are hit.

I can see why that would be a rule. Being able to be counterattacked by 3 or 4 enemies, which would most likely seriously hurt if not kill, would take away from the positive of a multi attack

I think the counterattack issue is a glitch, since sometimes it counters when secondary attacked, sometimes it doesn’t. So looks like a glitch.

Rogue can’t be compared because the rogue multiple attacks only one target as part of one attack. But AREA attack is an attack with multiple targets, so I think it’s fair that all targets with counter active should counter.
But in rogue’s case it’s not logical to have his multiple single target attack interrupted every time she hits to the opponent to be able to counter.