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Another Tough Beast To Contend With, Legendary Heal Ring For Elf

More Pain In The Rump Little Buggers!!!

But That’s Ok Because I Have Him



That is an amazing action shot of Saarvin! :heart_eyes:


Thanks Jon!!!:blush::+1::smiley:

I Really Like The Second From Last Shot Of Dragon, Where I’m On :fire:, And His Jaws Are Snapping At Me!!! He Sure Does Have A Mean Bite!!! LOL, He Will Wipe Me Out If I’m Not Careful!!!

WISH I Had HuKo’s Bird Man Shot Like This!!! Now That’s A True BEAST Rite There :muscle:, Do It HuKo!!! Have You Seen His Lev.20 Jon? Wonder How Long It Took Him To Get Him There??? I Bet It Took A Good Minute!!!

One Look From HuKo BirdMan Would Wipe My Hole Team Out!!! LoL

you know that Kudo barely play this game since June?
and has level 20? after 2.5months?
I’ve been here since the game was in beta test back in early 2018. Granted i haven’t spent a dime, i am just level 17.
From the screenshots that he links, we can see he has Millions of gold and hundreds of thousand gems. And has capped ALL pieces of gear in the game == massive experience boost. ( i think you can get close to level 18 without EVER fighting if you just level up your gear). Yes he has to have done a little farming to get the last 3 levels, but with maxed out legendary, he probably 1 shot any monster in HCD.

This seems like he either dropped over 10 000$ if not more on the game. Or has found a way to cheat.

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If Your Talking About HuKo, I Think He Said He Spent Between $ 899.00 Or $999.00 In Game Since He’s Been Playing, I Think? Definitely NOT KNOW, But I Think That’s What He Said, I Know He’s One Bad Mug., That’s For Sure!!! Thanks For The Input deathmessia!!!

Pretty sure it was @Jammer2 who had been documenting his spend and attempt to reach #1 Arena rank in this thread: How I became Number 1 in PVP

I haven’t been paying attention to @HuKo equipment scree shots. However, I’m generally of the opinion that if someone has all equipment upgrades then that triggers suspicion. I did some back of the envelop calculations and figured about $10,000 - $30,000 USD to get there. See: Is lev 4 on legendary equipment Max?


That’s Some Crazy Cash For A Game, Noway Jose, Not For Me, I Get A Better Feeling Out Of Doing It Myself, Wouldn’t Be Any Fun If I Bought Everything, Where Is The Fun In That, It’s Almost Like Using Cheat Codes, For Those Old Games, Quake GOD Mode, Where’s The Fun? retsamerol

I’ve Just Seen HuKo’s Lev. 20

The suspicions relate to people modifying the game or the payment registration such that they can make in app purchases without spending money. I guess you can think of it like cashing a forged check that doesn’t get verified afterwards if you need a real life analogy.

There’s some YouTube videos of people playing this game and having ludicrous amounts of gems, which is highly suggestive of cheating in this fashion.

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If you Cheat in crs2 Racing, They Kick You Off Multi Player Then Your Banned For Life, All You Can Do Is Story Mode, LOL Seen It On YouTube , Hope He Enjoyed The Cheat!!! Ha!!! Laugh’s On You Buddy LOL!!! Retsamerol

I Wish Ludia Would Come Up With Some Kind Of Bet System, Like CSR2 Had, That Was Really Cool, That You Could Bet Each Race, Except We Could Bet Gold, Like In PvP

You should never take that much damage against the Dragon boss. His moveset is always in order.

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If only someone wrote a guide…

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:joy::rofl::sweat_smile::grin: Love It!!!retsamerol LOL!!!