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Another 'unique' poll


Currently, which unique do you think is easiest to create?

  • Tuoramoloch
  • Diorajasaur
  • Indoraptor
  • Diloracheirus
  • Utarinex
  • Thoradolosaur
  • Grypolyth
  • Magnapyritor
  • Tenontorex
  • Trykosaurus
  • Erlidominus

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Voted for magna cause I didn’t want him to feel any more unloved than he already is…


Haha! Mine has been able to level up for a while now, I just can’t bring myself to drop the coin on it! lol Unloved indeed.

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Erlidominus :^)


Oddly I am going to vote Indoraptor because after playing for 9 months I am nowhere near the others.


Indoraptor, just because Ludia feature its ingredients so often and even gives us a chance to dart it every 2 months. Same happens with Thor. This poll’s results don’t reflect the real difficulty, but what Ludia themselves are helping us to create.

In absence of Sino, T-rex or velo events, I still would’t have a single unique in 6 months playing.