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Another useless effect

I saw a post about Procera cleansing DOT on itself, but it has 100% resistance so what is the point?

Secodontosaurus is another one. It cleanses vulnerable on both fierce attacks, but it is 100% resistant to vulnerable. It is not a group move, so it cleanses something it cannot get…which is useless.

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Cunning Moves are made specifically for Cunning Creatures.
Some cunning creatures like dilophosaurus or monolophosaurus are not 100% resistant to bleed.
The reason why it has cunning strike its because of its other property’s like: Can reduce the opponents damage by 50% and can nullify the opponents damage increase.

Same can be said about secodontosaurus. It doesnt have the fierce attack to cleanse vulnerability, because its already immune to vulnerability, and its because of its other property’s. Fierce attacks also removes Taunt which is only important for raids and not for pvp.

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The point was that Ludia didn’t want to make new attacks just for them, so they gave them attacks that exist.


The thread also contained the exact reason for why they have the moves they do. They can’t just tailor a move for every creature with a resistance.

“They can’t just tailor a move for every creature with a resistance.”

Sure they can. Choosing not to is one thing, but claiming they cannot is another.

To me, this is not a massive issue. It does show, to some degree, a lack of planning or care about move sets and resistances.

Yes, this is understood. Its not that a move set type is being used, its that it shows a lack of planning and is a cluttered overlap. It would have been nice to see these individually done. The move could be universal but the cleanse could be per dino.

I mean, they could, but why do that? It really doesn’t matter if it cleanses something that it can’t get affected by. I never saw it as an issue since it just makes sense. Why make the move just not do the cleanse animation for the creatures who have it but don’t need it? I don’t know, they probably could do that, but maybe in the future they’ll tweak resistances again and suddenly that cleanse is needed for that creature, and they forget to turn the cleanse back on and people complain. I guess we’ll see if Ludia will do anything about that or not.

Yeah, that is fair to say. I just like things clean and tidy…and this seems a bit messy to me.

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The first example is not redundant, but the second is.

Cunning strike also distracts, removes damage boosts, and reduces crit chance to 0. No other move in the game has this combination of effects, so Procerathomimus still gets use out of it. The DoT effect is redundant for it, but overall the move is not. And of course, as others pointed out, other creatures that are not immune to DoT get full use out of the move.

On the other hand, there is a move that is exactly like fierce strike minus the cleansing of vulnerability: defense shattering strike (and yes, defense shattering moves also remove taunt). Since Secodontosaurus is already immune to vulnerable, they might as well have just given it defense shattering strike instead (which IS still in the game); the “fierceness” does nothing for it. So this move IS redundant compared to the defense shattering version as long as the creature it’s on is immune to vulnerable.

But DSS still exists, so why not just give Secodontosaurus that? See my previous comment.

Defense shattering moves also remove taunt, so the vulnerability thing is the only thing that distinguishes them from fierce moves. Since Secodontosaurus and others are already immune to vulnerable, why not give them defense shattering moves instead? See my previous comment.

Ah yeah I forgot that thing’s still around. Maybe they want to pass it to another hybrid they’ll give for Secodonto. For the chicken though they wanted distraction attacks that also do other stuff so they gave it those to lower target’s attack and remove attack buffs.

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Yeah, I suppose they could give it a relevant hybrid someday, but then again they could just pass on the vulnerability immunity instead. And Secodontosaurus is far from the only dino with this redundancy. For example Tryostronix has it too, and it won’t be getting a hybrid.

I completely agree with your comments about “the chicken” though. As long as the move has at least one unique effect compared to other attacks, then I have no problem with it. If defense shattering moves didn’t remove taunt, then I would be perfectly fine with these vulnerable-immune creatures having fierce attacks.