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Another week, another tournament rant

I have a battle that is too hard and I already fear for the -40 that’s probably coming. Why? Because it happens way too freaking much against good players who are ahead of you in ranks. Then I see the name of the guy, a name that I often see on top 20 so yep, I know I’m screwed even before the number appears… What a coincidence…

Seriously, how isn’t this fixed?.. Or even worse, it’s not even addressed!!! :triumph:


I hate that the game pretty much determines when you’re done with the Tournament. You can be far into the ranks, but you lose once, which sends you back far enough that you need to win twice to recuperate. It’s a downward spiral after that.


It’s ridiculous. I swear my win/loss rate this Saturday is 50/50… And that means a terrible rate! Since you mostly win 20 and lose 40…


I hate it. I was on a nice win streak earlier today, but I lost once, and it broke my streak. Couldn’t recover since Ludia has their stupid medal system, punishing you harshly for loses, while barely rewarding you for a win.


I was so mad when I made this topic that it was full of grammar mistakes, lol

Yeah, it’s pathetic… It’s been like this the whole day for me… now my win/loss rate is a little better, but that doesn’t mean anything… win two, +20 to +25… lose one, -35 to -40. So you go nowhere. Ridiculous


But even with that, I swear I would be ok with it if the -40 only happened against opponents behind me… but no, it happens to tons of players ahead on ranks… It seems like it’s worse to be around ranks 200 to 100 cause I lose way more 40s and win only 20s here than when I’m top50


100% agreed @Arnold I bet I just did 45 battles between the arena an the tourney an it’s the same

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i’m currently #1. And it took me a total of 290+ battles between both days to get up there because of this, not to mention combine this with deck RNG. if they get the right deck you can try all your skill and not win. That kind of RNG. the worst besides dodge and stun imo.
and -40 for it and +20 to a different person. like wth mate

You’re wassup then… Cool. yeah, it amazes me how the people who make this game don’t see this, or just chooses to ignore it… If you spend, like, an hour playing, that’s around 12 battles more or less… Then you win 8 of them and lose only 4, with that reward system you might not progress at all! And that’s with a 2 to 1 win/loss rate! So with less than that, you go backwards… Today it happened to me tons of time… win, win, win, win… then 2 losses… Back where I started 40 minutes ago. Man, it’s infuriating…

And again, with some of those opponents already way ahead…


Now it seems if you fight the same person and lose twice in a row the 2nd time if you didn’t already lose -40 you lose MORE for losing to the same person you just lost to. I really don’t get it with the trophy system. And only 20 per win. Only 3 times today have I had a win over +25.
Like we didn’t already have a problem with the trophy system, we now have 2. This 2nd one depends on the person, but still.

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I’ve played two days straight got back to 32 place barely

Skill tourneys are more like RNG tourneys, for real, no matter how much skill you have, you will still loose due to bad RNG. Also gambling, ugh, gambling, look I know, if there was no gambling everyone would use IG2, Moth, Pho and Ardont, however, think about this, you use 8 and your opponent use 8 and they get IG2, Moth, Pho and Ardont while you got Dimorph, Velo, Eino, and Scolo. That wouldn’t be very fair right? So, yeah, quit the gambling please and have it be a fair fight.

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There is definitely something funky with trophies, sometimes ill recognize a top name, win versus them 3 times in a row and get +20 each time when I can clearly see when I go to rankings that they are +150/200 ahead of me. Then Ill win versus someone that is 100 below me and I get 35 somehow, this happens multiple times and I dont really get it. The reverse is also true, lose 40 to someone +100 ahead and 20 to someone 100 below, its seems a bit random.

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I’ve hit the 20 trophy every win mark, I think. I detest this system with a passion.


I lost my first match and my trophy count never changed, I won my second match and lost 27 trophies 🤦 I don’t understand it at all

Only game I get mad with winning because of the constant +20

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I actually kept track of 10 battles. 5 wins, 5 losses. Overall loss of 39 trophies


As I said, 50/50 means you’re doing bad. You gotta have a 2 to 1 win/loss rate to progress…

When I said that rank 100 to 200 seemed worse than top50 I thought I might be exaggerating. But now I’m top 50 again and I am actually finding it less difficult to keep myself in here than when I was trying to get in it… Less -40 losses.

This tournament feels especially rough this time around. I thought it was just me. :flushed:

After going back and forth constantly, I think I just kind of gave up. :unamused: I like that the point requirements are down so the incubators don’t seem so out of reach. However, I still don’t like the fact that you have to beat your high score to get points. In rough tournaments such as this one, that can be a real challenge.