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Another "Where are all the green supply drops" thread

Another rant to add to the pile of problems with green supply drops.

The first 3 screenshots are the centre of town where I work but home is a 20 minute walk away so this is not my primary hunting ground

The last picture is of my university campus where I am primarily based and it is bare!!! No strike towers no nothing.

How is it possible for so few supply drops to be green ones??


Same here…thats stingy ludia

An absolute joke… makes no sense as to why they do this to their players.

Although, Ludia usually mess it up. Just in case this time is a different issue, try clearing data on your phone. I have a hunch here…

Have same problem this time, Around 60 drops and only 10 green. Also they are far apart.

Yesterday there was more Paramoloch than you could shake a stick at so I just don’t understand.

1 attempt and they are everywhere. 24 attempts and the map is barren

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